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  1. HELP - RB Trade Advice

    Considered trying Goff & Diggs for Mixon - most trade analyzers have me losing on the value of this trade but based on these responses I'd say y'all disagree? The person with Mixon is hurting at QB and WR so was hoping to use that as leverage. Said person has Conner, Kamara, Mack, Mixon, Smallwood, Breida, & Michel so thinking he could spare an RB is it gets him more at the other positions?
  2. Need to trade for a RB - considering going after Mixon or Kamara. My team as it stands now: QB: Brees, Goff WR: Juju, Diggs, Golladay, Sutton, Watkins, Bryant RB: Howard, Thompson, Richards, Bell TE: Graham K: Zuerlein Def: Patriots Currently have a trade proposed of Watkins for Fournette, although I feel that one is a long shot. I can give up a QB and WR for Mixon/Kamara. Who do you give up- Brees or Goff? And which WR do you pair with that trade?