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  1. Tannehill vs Texans Or Prescott vs Rams i realize tannehill has the better matchup but maybe a shootout in Dallas? thoughts?
  2. Guice @GB or Singletary vs Ravens???

    Ok now I need a tiebreaker.
  3. Give Guice a shot in a good matchup? Stick with Singletary?
  4. Mahomes or Tannehill

  5. Which kicker???

    Def Bailey in this matchup
  6. Vs

    Jones 💯
  7. Should I get Guice in my lineup? If so, for who?
  8. Tannehill OR Prescott ? ? ?

    I'll take those 19 garbage points all day hahahaha
  9. Tannehill OR Prescott ? ? ?

    Dak. But I'll take these garbage points haha
  10. Another tannehill question

    I also have tannehill and Dak. I'm concerned about the rain on Sunday for Tannehill
  11. I wanna keep rolling with Tannehill but it's looking like rain in Oakland on Sunday. Should I just roll with Dak tonight? Bears really haven't been good at all on defense lately...