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  1. Dynasty league trade advice

    I know 1.01 is sold on taking Johnathon Taylor and would take a lot to move. He also has 1.03 and another guy had 1.02, 1.04 and 1.05. I could try to see if he would move one but he is a full rebuild though he is still getting picks he might be willing. I looked on the dynasty calculator and giving 10 and 12 would be equivalent to 1.04
  2. Dynasty league trade advice

    here is my team before the trade above and the one I am mentioning now. I don’t have my 2020 first but everything in 2021 of my own long with 3 other seconds.
  3. Dynasty league trade advice

    I really appreciate the time and thought. Getting his first I would have 1.08, 1.10 and 1.12 so I would have my share of the first and three seconds to go along with it. This is kind of what has been the real first agreement because he pushed hard for Kyler or irv smith but they are two young guys I have hope for the future and would like to keep. That being said, I switched the 2021 2nd into a 3rd because if I didn’t the deal wouldn’t have got done. I think this is far as it will get. You think it’s worth the trade?? I like Henry but like you said with the rebuild it wouldn’t be pointless to keep him and sell while his value is so high.
  4. Dynasty league trade advice

    thanks guys for your input. I am worried of fullers health and Mack and hunt keeping jobs down the road. I got a new offer that I have been working with today and think I might take this one but thought I would advice first. giving: Derrick Henry, hunter Henry and Alexander mattison. getting: 1.10, durrius guice, Deebo Samuel and a 2021 third. I like hunter Henry but also I have youth in Dawson Knox, irv smith and Ian Thomas for when he is gone. What are your guys thoughts before I do anything.
  5. Dynasty league trade advice

    thanks guys for the feedback. On the dynasty calculator the trade is completely balanced. In my opinion the have Henry a little low but that’s just me. It’s risky with fullers health history and hunt being a back up right now. I traded away so I am now into a rebuild. I have 6 picks in the top 30 this year and 4 already next year. I tried to get a little more and he won’t. Hollywood brown is who else I could get but I would have to give up a pick. It close I just don’t know if I should try to get a whole new load from someone else for Henry since he isn’t going to help me. Thoughts??
  6. Dynasty league trade advice

    alright man trade question #2 since I just did the one above: Give: Derek Henry and Tony pollard Get: Kareem hunt, will fuller and Marlon Mack. thoughts?!
  7. Dynasty league trade advice

    do you think this draft class is that deep To get solid late in the first and the three seconds?? I don’t care so much about losing Boone, white or Brees. It’s a one QB and I have Kyler so I’m good for awhile. I figure if I move them then I move Derek Henry and AJ green and do a rebuild over the next year or two.
  8. I have a massive trade in question and would like a second opinion. My team is okay but I don’t think I can win with what I have. The trade would be: Giving: B. Cooks, D. Brees, Keenan Allen, James white and M. Boone getting: pick 1.08, 1.12, 2.07, 2.08, 2.12, 3.05 and Ian Thomas. All the picks are for this years draft. the league is a 12 team dynasty league. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  9. Which QB??

    I always want to start him but can you trust him against San Fran. He does find a way to shine in big games but jones stealing all the touchdowns is killing me!
  10. Help with Flex spot

    I would also go sanders as long as he is healthy. It sucks it’s the late game so do some research tomorrow since he is currently questionable.
  11. Which QB??

    I read a state that Rodgers has not had more that 15 points coming off a bye the last three years. Every time I start Rodgers Aaron Jones has three touchdowns.
  12. Which QB??

    Who should I start: josh Allen vs Denver aaron Rodgers vs San Fran jeff driskel vs Washington its a must win to get in and I don’t know if worse the risk of starting Driskel though that’s what my gut is saying.
  13. Who do I start?!

    Thanks guys! You all said the same thing. Cobb has been doing well the past two weeks and I thought it might continue. Every time I have started Rodgers this year Aaron jones has three touchdowns. It’s “Aaron Rodgers” so I have the mentality of how can I not start him but he isn’t reliable. Allen has also been killing it!
  14. Trade advice

    I would say yes if you can get through the week 12 bye. Thielen should be good to go by then and is always solid.
  15. Who do I start?!

    I have a bunch a guys on bye so I have to start two of following: Randall Cobb Vs New England Cole Beasley vs denver Jacob hollister vs Seattle Hunter renfrow vs jets Anthony Miller vs giants also, do I start Aaron Rodgers vs San Fran Or Josh Allen vs Denver?? thanks!