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  1. Which QB??

    Who should I start: josh Allen vs Denver aaron Rodgers vs San Fran jeff driskel vs Washington its a must win to get in and I don’t know if worse the risk of starting Driskel though that’s what my gut is saying.
  2. Which QB??

    I always want to start him but can you trust him against San Fran. He does find a way to shine in big games but jones stealing all the touchdowns is killing me!
  3. Help with Flex spot

    I would also go sanders as long as he is healthy. It sucks it’s the late game so do some research tomorrow since he is currently questionable.
  4. Which QB??

    I read a state that Rodgers has not had more that 15 points coming off a bye the last three years. Every time I start Rodgers Aaron Jones has three touchdowns.
  5. Who do I start?!

    I have a bunch a guys on bye so I have to start two of following: Randall Cobb Vs New England Cole Beasley vs denver Jacob hollister vs Seattle Hunter renfrow vs jets Anthony Miller vs giants also, do I start Aaron Rodgers vs San Fran Or Josh Allen vs Denver?? thanks!
  6. Who do I start?!

    Thanks guys! You all said the same thing. Cobb has been doing well the past two weeks and I thought it might continue. Every time I have started Rodgers this year Aaron jones has three touchdowns. It’s “Aaron Rodgers” so I have the mentality of how can I not start him but he isn’t reliable. Allen has also been killing it!
  7. Trade advice

    I would say yes if you can get through the week 12 bye. Thielen should be good to go by then and is always solid.

    It’s a dynasty league and I’m 4-6 for the year and basically out of the playoffs. Would you do the following trade: Trade away: AJ green and James white receive: Chris Herndon, Devin funchess and Sony Michel I don’t see that it’s worth it for me with greens value being the low. I also don’t have much faith in Sony. Thoughts??
  9. Which TE to stream??

    Who else is available??
  10. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Fells has been on the field and doing really well this year to get you through the week. Hollister for the future. I thought a lot of dissly but now it looks like it’s just the system. Hollister caught multiple passes which the play was made for him. I would definitely pick him up to have down the stretch.

    Sony is the only real piece there and he scares me. I’m already out and AJ will be somewhere next year (hopefully with a good QB). My thought initially until next year and see where he goes and hope he does something in pre season to get people excited them move him if I get a good offer.

    I just don’t trust him if they get done because he is out of the game. I figured this year when they started out 8-0 he would be running the whole second half and it didn’t happen. AJ is older but will be fully healthy going forward.

    you trust Sony going forward?? With their backfield by committee, he has had one game with more than 50% of the snaps. He have white, burkhead bad bolden To compete with. I just don’t know if he is their future or will ever be “the guy” since he can’t catch.
  14. SIT TWO!

    Hi! I am 5-5 and need a win this week. Who do you think I should sit this week if I need to sit two?? Thanks! Christian Kirk vs San Fran Ronald Jones vs NO Zach Ertz vs New England James White vs Phili Robby Woods vs Chicago
  15. Trade Edelman??

    This league is a dynasty league and my team is 3-6 and I will not be making the playoffs. Do I trade Edelman for Alexander mattison, Anthony Miller and a 2020 middle third?? I need to know by tomorrow

    This league is a dynasty league and my team is 3-6 and I will not be making the playoffs. Do I trade Edelman for Alexander mattison, Anthony Miller and a 2020 middle third?? I need to know by the morning!
  17. Opinion on Tevin Coleman

    Breida is hurt and the initial report said he could miss multiple weeks. I’m sure they will get back to their better running ways and since he has come back he has taken 26/30 runs inside the 10 yard line. I would hold unless you can get some value.

  19. Week 12 BYE: Drop for kicker?

    No problem. Parker is doing fine and they don’t have much else to throw to now that Preston Williams is out for the year but your team is solid at receiver and with it being 10 teams, I’m sure there are other guys on the wire each week. Would you mind taking a look at the message I posted to get your thoughts??
  20. TE help! ROS?

    Howard but think about hollister if he is available. He has played two games with Seattle as the #1 TE and had scored in both games. He just had 10 targets tonight. Seattle loves to throw to their TE
  21. Week 12 BYE: Drop for kicker?

    I would drop Parker depending on if it’s dynasty. It doesn’t look like you will be starting him with all of your depth. You could go without depending on who you are playing but I don’t see you missing much.

    No no no! Haskins is the starter going forward and his numbers have dropped drastically. Seattle’s D is not good and so they will be throwing a lot and Wilson has been targeting Metcalf.
  23. Veto trade?

    100% veto. Kirk is not as consistent but hill is a killer with Patty back.
  24. WR Decision - Please Advise

    Robinson if Hill/Watkins don’t play. Watkins also hasn’t practiced all week
  25. Make the trade??

    What do you guys think about Adam Thielen?? I have my 2020 first along with 2 2020 2nds to play with. I got an offer for my 2020 first and second for Adam Thielen. I’m currently 2-3 and my roster is the following: QB: Aaron Rodgers/ Josh Allen RB: Kenyon drake, Mark Ingram, Josh Jacobs WR: Julio Jones, Sammy Watkins, Cole Beasley TE: Zach ertz, Travis kelce i have had manure luck this year having the most points scored against me and don’t know if I should trade a my first and a second for Thielen or hold for the “supposedly” 2020 stacked draft class. What do you think??