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  1. Thanks !!!! That's who I was leaning towards.
  2. Full PPR C.Edmonds S.Barkley L.Fournette
  3. Full PPR, need to start 2 C.Edmonds S.Barkley L.Fournette
  4. Starting RBs

  5. What do you think of this offer?

    We are a 12 team keeper league. We keep 4 players. I think Singletary is going to be a pretty decent back and not sure if I want to part with him.
  6. PPR league, all scoring is the same for skilled positions.
  7. Offered Devantae Adams for Derrick Henry

    I'd do the trade, you're getting a legit WR1 for a RB2. Still not sold on Henry because of his past.
  8. Move Malcolm Brown while he's hot ?????

    PPR...all scoring is the same for Rb/Wr
  9. Thinking about trading Brown to add depth to my wr's. Brown for Michael Fallop Or M.Brown for John Brown(Buf) Would you keep him or try to do one of the above trades ??? Thanks...
  10. Need your advice....

  11. I won the league last year so I was drafting last. I gave away my #1 pick mid season to acquire Hopkins and my #3 to get Rodgers. So I had the 13th pick 37th pick. Screwed myself for this year, but paid off for last year.
  12. Wanted to solidify the Wr position and hopefully offer a draft pick to pick up a top 10 Rb. 4 player keeper league as well.