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  1. Henry, Lewis, or Boone

    I’m going with Boone.
  2. RB help!! Standard WHIR

    Ballage, I think things should open up for him a bit more against the bills if he gets the same volume
  3. Everett our Fant

  4. .5 ppr and need a flex play. Mckissic vs. Cowboys (Ty Johnson expected to play) or Dede vs. Colts
  5. Who to flex?

    Thanks. Would you lean Mckissic regardless of Ty Johnson playing? I think if Ty is out I’m going Mckissic.
  6. Pick a rb for this week and rest of season

    Gurley this week based on the matchup. ROS I think I lean towards Lindsay based on performance to date and schedule ahead.
  7. Which WR do I Flex?

    Crowder should be safer
  8. I like Hollister the most ROS out of those three. This week I like Goedert over Fant. Pats will most likely focus on taking away Ertz and with the Eagles already down Alshon, Goedert should see something opportunity this week.
  9. With Hooper being out for about a month, looking for a TE fill in. .75 ppr league and below are my options. Noah Fant (been more involved since Sanders was traded but rough schedule ahead) Ryan Griffen (he seems interesting with Herndon to IR. Prior to Herndons return, he was playing 95%+ of snaps each game. Matchups for next 4 weeks are Skins, Oakland, Bengals, Miami) Hockenson (also great matchups next 4 weeks but possibly no Stafford) Doyle (has been solid but with TY expected to return next week there will be a lot of weapons to feed) Goedert Thanks guys
  10. Who to flex?

    Thanks. Struggling to get away from Ballage with 24 touches last week, Brian Flores coming out saying he will continue to lean on Ballage to get it going and a bad bills running defense. Biggest uncertainty around Dede obviously is both him and Foles coming off the injury. Need the W or I’m out this week, appreciate any thoughts.
  11. Who to flex?

    .5 ppr Ballage against the bills Mckissic against the cowboys Dede Westbrook against the colts
  12. Pick 2 This Week

    Mixon and Sanu
  13. Half PPR - WDIS?

    League 1: singletary League 2: Mixon, Brian Hill These two have a pretty much guaranteed heavy workload in for them. Chark if you need the upside but some uncertainty there with Foles.
  14. Start 2: Sanu/Brown/Pascal

    Start Sanu and Brown. Also for comments on the Ravens game being a shootout, Vegas has it at 51.5 points so pretty high scoring.