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  1. Start Mahomes or Winston??

    if it helps any, the saints/bucs game is slated for thunderstorms, i was going to start winston but rethinking that now. that should lock mahomes for you
  2. .5PPR 12 team league Winston, Big Ben, or trubisky and Pick 3 (RB, WR, flex): landry, m Goodwin, Gus bus, Carson thanks!
  3. Week 14 qb dilemmas and more

    Thanks! Assuming that’s marquis Goodwin? Haha bump for more input! My opponent has been on a high scoring streak so I need to start players with home run chances.
  4. 12 team .5PPR i have Winston, Big Ben, and trubisky who would you start. i have mike Evans so I’m leaning towards Winston as he may have to throw a lot. also, Landry, Goodwin, Chris carson pick 2 for wr2 and flex in learning towards Landry and Carson if he’s healthy thanks is in advance!
  5. Gurley owner here in a 12 team .5PPR league. I have Gurley and Malcolm Brown. In light of his injury, and the potential for the Rams resting their starters, who is the better backup handcuff to have here? Justin Davis or John Kelly?
  6. Big Ben or winston Landry, c Conley, or m Williams .5 ppr
  7. Flex Question

    i'd probably stick with woods if you wanted something safe and stable. ware is enticing though if you need a home run player (if the chiefs keep rolling with the same offensive scheme)
  8. thanks for the fast input! yeah the qb decision is tough. ive been riding landry almost every game and it cost me some wins that put me in this situation. i'm leaning towards conley to be my sleeper with possible high upside. i'll keep an eye out on tyrell's injury just for a last second decision. any other opinions?
  9. 12 team .5PPR league My team is currently 6-6 and absolutely need a win to make playoffs. The past 2 seasons I was always one win away from playoffs and lose out. I'm seeking help setting up my week 13 line up because I don't want a 3-peat of loser bracket. 1st question: Big Ben? Or Winston? My original thinking is that Big Ben at home vs. the chargers could be a potential shoot out. That and my opponent has Antonio Brown. Numbers wise though, Winston has the better match up, and I have M Evans. 2nd: Jarvis Landry looked promising in the beginning but has fell off. (Wish I traded him away sooner.) Do I roll with him or try one of the other WR's on my bench: C Conley, M Williams. (K Coutee, T Gabriel, and D Westbrook are next top 3 free agents.) 3rd: Dolphins D or Bills D for chance of a high score? Feel like Bills may have more chances to make plays as they would throw more than the Bills would. All input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!