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  1. King Henry

    Shout out to Derrick Henry on being 2019's lead rusher 👏
  2. Good news bad news...

    Yes !!
  3. Thank you everyone for your advice throughout this season! Not too shabby for my second year
  4. Good news bad news...

    Good news is my opponent had DJ Moore and James Conner go down early. Bad news, SAQUON. We're about dead even leading up to tonight's game. They have Hill and KC defense, I have Kelce and Butker. Have I got this?
  5. Henry Owners Support Group

    I picked up Dion Lewis just in case this happened. Huge blow to my championship hopes :/
  6. Last question...who's the better flex?

    Yes I did, thanks everyone!
  7. Championship Week! Who to start?

    I think I like Tannehill over Wilson this week. I feel that the Seahawks are going to run the ball through Carson a good majority of the game. And the Titans should be playing catch up vs the Saints so that could mean a big fantasy day for Tannehill.
  8. Last question...who's the better flex?

    It's more matchup love than Fuller love lol but I hear ya
  9. LAMAR

    All this talk of Lamar possibly getting benched early in week 16 is slightly making me second guess starting him. He's the reason I made it this far so I couldn't fathom actually benching him. Anyone out there starting another QB over him?
  10. So close I can taste it

    We beat out our husbands for 1st and 2nd place! Now who wins it all? Standard scoring, I'm on the left
  11. Week 15 QB Dilemma: Brees/Jackson

    Did you go with Lamar? 🤞
  12. Lamar Jackson

    13-1 this season and it's all thanks to him. Having Derrick Henry didnt hurt one bit, but man, Lamar solidified my winning season. Such a fun guy to watch. After tonight's performance (fingers crossed) I should win the first playoff round and move on to the championship round. Not bad for a running back?
  13. For all the marbles, help me seel the deal!

    Surprisingly Washington was still available on the wire so I grabbed him. If Jacobs sits, should I go with Washington over Hunt? 🤔
  14. Week 15 QB Dilemma: Brees/Jackson

    No doubt about that at all! I was curious so I looked back at how all the QBs have done vs Indy this year. Standard scoring, I think only Winston and Matt Ryan have scored more than 20 fantasy points. Not to say Brees can't do so also, but that stat keeps me from starting Brees this week.