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    Half PPR, thinking I should be alright but you never know
  2. Lockett or Gallup!?

    Gallup failed me 😖 Lockett seems to be the target so far so good luck to you!

    I need 4 points out of him tomorrow. Am I going 2-0 or do we think Cook will disappoint?
  4. Diggs or Davis???

    Half PPR I picked up Corey Davis to go in place of AJ Brown while he's out. I do have Diggs on my bench as well as Brady's new "favorite target" Scotty Miller. I've got Gallup in the WR 1 slot. I'd like to see another week of production from Miller before I can start him, so out of Diggs and Davis, who is the better play this week?
  5. Tight End WDIS

    Let's hope Cook produces, TJ Hock giving me all the regret right now :/
  6. Tight End WDIS

    I've got Jared Cook as my starter. TJ Hockenson is available and with Golladay unlikely to play I'm so tempted to pick him up. Should I stick with Cook or get Hockenson? Half PPR
  7. Lineup help ! WDIS

    10 team league Half PPR Currently this is where I'm at with my lineup: Lamar Gallup Metcalf Zeke Mixon Mostert J. Cook Butker Bills Bench- James White, Stefon Diggs, A.J. Brown I like James White but not sure if I should switch out Mostert, and I'm tempted to start Diggs over one of the WRs, just not sure who. Help?
  8. Trade thoughts

    Wasn't too happy with my WRs I drafted and wanted more depth. I traded my husband Fournette for Diggs. RBs are Elliot, Mixon, and Mostert WRs are now Diggs and Metcalf. Thoughts? Who won this trade? Half PPR
  9. I had 4th pick overall, little shaky at wide receiver but feeling pretty good 1. Zeke Elliot 2. Lamar Jackson 3. Joe Mixon 4. A.J. Brown 5. Raheem Mostert 6. Jared Cook 7. Harrison Butker 8. D.K. Metcalf 9. Buffalo D 10. Leonard Fournette 11. Michael Gallup 12. Deebo Samuel 13. James White 14. Matthew Stafford
  10. King Henry

    Shout out to Derrick Henry on being 2019's lead rusher 👏
  11. Good news bad news...

    Yes !!
  12. Thank you everyone for your advice throughout this season! Not too shabby for my second year
  13. Good news bad news...

    Good news is my opponent had DJ Moore and James Conner go down early. Bad news, SAQUON. We're about dead even leading up to tonight's game. They have Hill and KC defense, I have Kelce and Butker. Have I got this?
  14. Henry Owners Support Group

    I picked up Dion Lewis just in case this happened. Huge blow to my championship hopes :/
  15. Last question...who's the better flex?

    Yes I did, thanks everyone!