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  1. That was the week before. Week 17 he got me just over 17 points. Goff got over 28. I got by with CJ Anderson, Chris Carson & Seattle D. My opponent didn't have a great week and I won by 6 points.
  2. @turbotooslow, yes I did. Goff would have been the better play, but i still ended up winning. It didn't matter in the long run.
  3. 1.06 in a 12 team dynasty start up

    Not sure you could go wrong with my of them, but I like what Melvin Gordon hs been doing. (Except for the chance of injury with him)
  4. Which 3 do I keep?

    Kittle, Hopkins and even though Seattle has a couple of other options, Carson.
  5. Rivers or Goff - Championship game

    Goff has the better matchup, but I believe they'll run more and take him out if they get a good lead. I'm feeling Rivers. They want to win and Denvers D is not as good as Baltimore's.
  6. What 2 rbs to play

    McCaffrey may not play, but if he does, then Sproles & CMC. If not Sproles & Peterson.
  7. One of my leagues plays its championship game in week 17. I made it this far and need help with who to start at QB. I have Cousins, Goff & Foles. Leaning toward Foles since the Eagles have to win and have an easier matchup than Cousins.