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  1. WR Boyd RB Bell I want to go OBJ just because I dont know if I can trust the others, but Armstead is an intriguing gamble.
  2. Week 17 help for the Championship!

    The Cowboys need to win for a chance at the playoffs. You have to think Dak would be playing hard. Jones is a good option and he put up amazing numbers against Washington last week. It's basically a boom or bust guess on which RB to use. I'd say Williams or Washington. The texans should play at the same time as the Chiefs, so Hopkins should be playing. If they are scoreboard watching though and KC goes up big, they might pull starters. That is your gamble on that one.
  3. One of the leagues I'm in plays all 17 weeks and I'm in the championship game. Any thoughts on my team or chances? (Bold is projected starters) My team QB Winston, Ryan WR M Thomas, Perriman, Parker, OBJ, Tate RB Chubb, Singletary, (D Williams Flex) Boone, Laird, T Colman TE Higbee, Doyle K Butker D Rams IDP Leonard (Colts) Opponent QB Brissett, Cousins WR Hopkins, K Allen, Westbrook, Kirk RB Gurley, Hunt, (Sanders Flex), Montgomery TE Andrews, Henry K Zuerlein, Meyers D Patriots, Vikings IDP D Jones (Falcons) I have players like Washington, Mattison and Edwards/Hill on the FA list
  4. Decisions a Soldier!

    WR AJ Brown RB Drake Flex Fournette or Parker
  5. In one of my leagues, this is week 2 of playoffs. I am iffy at WR2, RB2, TE and Flex. Can you help? Pick 1 Receiver Brashad Perriman vs Hou Devante Parker vs Cin Pick 1 RB Devin Singletary at NE Patrick Laird vs Cin DeAndre Washington at LAC Mike Boone vs GB Pick 1 TE Tyler Higbee at SF Jack Doyle vs Car Pick Flex of remaining players
  6. Hooper or Henry

    You can't go wrong with either one, but I'd lean toward Hooper.
  7. Who should I start in the final?

    Brees Mixon, Singletary Hill, Lockett Kittle Steelers
  8. Is Perriman worth the Risk?

    Perriman is a good start if you have limited options. He'll be Winston's primary target. There is no certainty of a good game, but if the targets are there, then there is hope.
  9. .5 point PPR for the win

    QB Jackson, Wilson RB Elliot, Sanders WR Kupp, Perriman TE Waller FLEX Fournette
  10. TE Help

    Higbee. Everett has been ruled out.
  11. Running back dilemma

    All signs point to Jacobs starting. Mostert is probably the better bet over Mixon and Washington
  12. Give It To Me Straight

    He's definitely got the upper hand in WRs, but you have good matchups. You should pull this one out. I see you left Crowder on the bench like I did, that sucks.
  13. Choose 2 WR’s

    Lockett and Brown
  14. Need help at QB: Brees or Tannehill?

    Personally I'd start Brees. Indy is good against the run which might force more passing. I dont think Tannehill is a bad start either, just think Brees will be better.