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  1. I'm in 2 leagues. I have Gore and Singletary in both leagues. I'm not sure which one to start as my flex in my 10 team league and I have a question on who to start for my 12 team league. My RBs (pick 3) Leveon Bell vs NE Tevin Coleman vs Wash Marlon Mack vs Hou Frank Gore vs Mia Devin Singletary vs Mia
  2. FLEX Help

    The Bills have a very good matchup with Miami and I have both Singletary and Gore. I'm not sure how Singletary will play coming back from an injury. Which running back should I play in my flex spot?
  3. Should I trade Aaron Rodgers?

    Rodgers for Minshew straight up. His team isn't that good and there is nobody else that I would want.
  4. Should I trade Aaron Rodgers?

    Sorry, I should have phrased that differently. Rodgers hasn't put up good fantasy numbers. His remaining schedule isn't easy either. Minshew's schedule is a lot easier, but there is question that if Foles is healthy, will Minshew go back to the bench.
  5. Trade my DJ Chark for OBJ

    I'm an OBJ owner and I regret drafting him. Chark has more upside right now as Minshew's favorite target.
  6. Aaron Rodgers has been terrible so far this season and is a huge reason I am 2-3 right now. I'm thinking of proposing a trade for Minshew. Minshew is a QB10 right now to Rodgers QB19 and his remaining schedule is easier than Rodgers. The other guy has Brady as his starter.
  7. Boyd for Damien Williams?

    Do it. Your bench RBs are guys that rarely get the ball. Williams will also give you someone to put at RB during bye weeks.
  8. Wdis

    If you're dropping Baker, then QB Allen RB Chubb RB Ekeler WR Golliday WR Adams (gotta have a good game soon, right?) TE Dissly WRT Mixon WRT Singletary (if healthy) or D Robinson
  9. Is it time to deal Dalvin Cook?

    Only trade him if you have needs at other positions and can get back good talent to fill those needs. Otherwise keep him.
  10. Who wins?

    I agree with GoBlue, it's a pretty even trade and depends on the needs of each team. If I had to pick with what's given, I'd say team B slightly wins.
  11. Would you do this?

    It's not bad, but I wouldn't do it. It's kind of a swap of basically the same type of players. Unless you really want one or both of Montgomery or Kirk.
  12. WDIS .5 PPR

    Jacobs & Jones. Carson has been losing touches the last 2 weeks.
  13. Pick 1

    D Rob & Chark Coin flip... Jacobs Metcalf & Williams Last one is hard. I'll go Gallman
  14. Chargers Or Ravens Going Forward?

    I'd stick with Baltimore.
  15. QB/WR help

    1) Matt Ryan is my starter and has been solid through the first three weeks, but should I bench him this week at home vs Tennessee and start Philip Rivers at Miami? 2) In my 10 team league, Shepard and Tate are FAs right now. With the emergence of Jones at QB, should I pick any of them up? My other WRs are: Thomas-NO Beckham-Cle D Robinson-KC A Robinson-Chi Brown-Bal