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  1. Playing in start up Dynasty league - $400 year one, 10% incremental next 3 up to $500 . 20 active roster spots- 6 practice squad spots for year 1 & 2 players

    Looking for advice for value of top tier RBs & WRs, understand there will be over bids

    Any other links would be helpful.


  2. 1 keeper in round drafted.

    Had Theilen in 10th last year, but he's not in the running.

    Gurley in 1st 

    Mahommes in 11th

    Legacy upto 4 years in same rd

    NO PPR


    Wrong to think Gurley as 1-overall and no brainer?

    Will Mahommes be a 2nd (1st) for the next 4 year