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  1. $100 entry fee (leaguesafe), 10 Team ESPN H2H Keeper Points league 2nd year keepers league needs a few owners for its 2019 season. Keep up to 2 players (limit number to make league competitive every year instead of having one/two dominate teams every year) Here are some teams presently available with best players: Team 1: Altuve, Machado, Story Team 2: Yelich, Stanton Team 3: Harper, Correa, Severino Keep in mind that you don't have to keep 2 players and the following teams below are teams in the league that will have to throw back some great players since they can only keep a max of 2 players, so a person could keep none/one and draft first among the players dropped below. Team: Sale/Turner/Bregman/Nola Team: Arrenando/Lindor/Acuna Team: Scherzer/Degrom/Jose Ramirez/Goldschmidt The draft will be held on Monday March 18th. Here are the settings: Payouts: 1st Place 600$ 2nd Place 300$ 3rd Place 100$ Email me directly at if interested. Thanks. Brian