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  1. I just found out yesterday that one of our owners will be too busy with the real world (what is that?) to participate this year. We don't play for money, just the simple fun of it. We are a 5x5 league on ESPN's site. We have the traditional $260 auction salary cap with 8 pitchers, 4 outfielders, 3 bench of any position, and 1 each of C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 1B/3B (CR in our lexicon for Corner), and 2B/SS (MI for Middle Infielder). You can keep up to 10 players. We have contracts with extensions but at an ever-increasing price so if you REALLY want to keep a player, you can, much to the detriment of your team most likely. We also have 6 man minor league for each team where we snake draft a couple weeks after the auction. You can keep/draft up to that six limit. Though I have Robles and Tatis Jr., so don't think about grabbing them. But there is the scorching hot Brinson on his team and also a Javy Baez. Transactions are twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays at 9am Mountain Standard Time/UTC -7). If you join, we'd like to have a preliminary list of your keepers as soon as possible as the preliminary deadline for keepers is Friday. Owners who have their list in by then will receive a list of everyone's list as well. Then you have a week to make changes if you want. Once those lists are in, there are no more additions allowed to your list. You can drop someone if say, they decided to run off to Switzerland and yodel for a living, but you can't put someone in his spot. Auction is 8am MST March 23. If you are interested, let me know. I use a lot of Excel to make things easier so it'd be good if you have that available. Here's the roster. AAA = Currently allowed to stay in minors as they haven't exceeded rookie status.