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  1. So you're saying I can't have him then? Sorry about that and sorry I couldn't get back to make a few picks before the opening bell of the draft. I had a good time and appreciate you guys letting be a part of your mock draft. We're doing ok compared to the real draft so far. Thanks @Dcat for inviting me here. Great time!!!
  2. With the 110th pick in the 2019 NFL draft the Bengals are just getting warmed up. We are excited to add Mr. Germaine Pratt LB NC State to the team. @Big John you are OTC
  3. With the 107th pick in the 2019 draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select. Iman Marshall CB- USC @Wpob you're OTC !
  4. What is a mock if it's not to have a little fun huh? The Ravens will choose to go deep and select a raw talent, but with maybe the most upside of all the later rd G's in the draft. The foreign exchange student who will pave the way for more of his kind. With the 102nd pick in the 2019 draft the Ravens select the 6' 5" monster from Denmark HJALTE FROHOLDT- G- Arkansas Razorbacks WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! @darin3 is OTC and on deck
  5. The Ravens are gonna do it. They are gonna grab far and away the finest C in the entire draft and get some protection for the new kid. With the 22nd pick the Ravens select Garret Bradbury C NC State @Shorttynaz os OTC @Dcat is on deck
  6. With the 20th pick in the 2019 draft the Steelers are delighted that our top projection is sitting there at #20. We will select Devin Bush ILB Michigan. @darin3 is OTC @GREENBEAN is on deck
  7. After a fist fight in our War room over whether or not to trade up to #9, we elected to wait for Haskins or Hockenson to slide to us. One of them just had to be there. As we watched both slip off of the board in those two picks, we are now feeling a bit panicky and will apply the first real reach to this draft. Eifert is just not making us feel confident he can last the whole season. And if Dalton is gonna succeed he needs some legit weapons. With the #11 pick in the Huddle 2019 Draft. The Cincinnati Bengals select... Noah Fant TE Iowa @Big John and the Packers are OTC @jrokh and the Phins are On deck
  8. With the 5th pick in the 2019 Draft the Tampa Bay Bucs select. Devin white ILB LSU @Wpob is OTC
  9. Ahhhhhhhh My first post on this forum. Feels like cheating. I like it. I'm in and hope we can find another.