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  1. RFA Dante Pettis

    Match and retain for Icarus
  2. Matt Breida, RB, SF, Titsburgh Feelers 2 Credits Icarus
  3. Next Steps:

    Thank for inviting me to this league and for the reminders and hand holding. I've been a commish for football and baseball league for 15 years and my workload is tiny compared to what you have here. So thank you for your efforts and the amount of work you have taken on! I think the "get together" is a great idea, However, since I am in St Louis, I will not likely attend. I'll just be the faceless St Louis guy for many of you. But I'm still a rabid Husker fan. GBR!
  4. Cameron Brate, TE, TB, Morgan Stanley 2 credits Icarus
  5. OJ Howard, TE, TB, Necessary Roughness 3 credits Icarus
  6. Marquise Goodwin, WR, SF, Necessary Roughness 3 credits Icarus
  7. Delaney Walker, TE, TEN, Titsburgh Feelers 2 credits Icarus
  8. RFA Bid: Sammy Watkins

    Sammy Watkins, WR, KC, JD 3 credits Icarus
  9. RFA Bid: Robert Woods

    Robert Woods, WR, LAR, Titsburgh Feelers 6 credits Icarus
  10. RFA Bid: Rams Defense

    Match and retain Icarus
  11. Adrian Peterson, RB, WAS, Bofa Deeznutz 4 Credits Icarus
  12. RFA - Bid: Ben Roethlisberger

    Ben Rothlisberger, QB, PIT, Bofa Deeznutz 6 Credits Icarus
  13. RFA Bid: Mitchell Trubisky

    Can I ask the question...is the bid at 5 credits or 10 credits?
  14. RFA Bid: Donte Moncrief

    6 credits Icarus
  15. RFA Bid: Greg Zuerlein

    5 credits Icarus