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  1. I agree. It is not a good idea to change rules in the middle of a season. But in the off-season, I will vote to allow IR players to come of our IR slot if they were activated in the NFL.
  2. I am locked out of making any roster moves to my team because I have an IR violation. Derrius Guice has been removed from the real life IR, but he has to remain on my IR in the league. This locks me from making any changes to my roster, including changing the weekly starting lineup. I also have Preston Williams in my starting lineup for this week and he was placed on the IR. So I have a dead spot. If the NFL teams can remove players from the IR, we should have the same ability, especially if rosters get locked when this occurs.
  3. Trading Block -Patriots D

    #5 scoring for the year, regardless of position. Only 4 QBs are scoring more fantasy points so far this year. This is absolutely amazing.
  4. Please place both players on the active roster for Icarus at this time. No DL yet.
  5. Icarus to receive: Stefon Diggs, Derrius Guice, 8 credits and Tyeek's 2020 1st round pick Tyreek's Weak Punch to receive: Mark Ingram, Sony Michel, and Icarus' 2020 2nd round pick.
  6. FA - Preston Williams

    I'd like a 3 year contract on Preston.
  7. Preston Williams, WR, Miami 2 credits Icarus
  8. No RB's and a dream

    Sony Michel for Diggs?
  9. It looks like the players still need to be moved to their new teams in MFL
  10. Icarus gets: Mark Ingram, RB BAL 2 credits Stanley Morgan gets: Jimmy Garoppolo,QB SF Demaryius Thomas, WR NE
  11. MFL link

    The Huddle page with a link to the The Huddle page...gets me stuck in a loop
  12. Official Contract Thread

    Icarus QBs - 3 Winston, Jameis – (2) Jackson, Lamar - (3) Garoppolo, Jimmy - 2 RBs - 5 Davis, Mike – (1) Henderson, Darrell– (3) Penny, Rashaad – (1) McCoy, LeSean – (1) Michel, Sony - 2 WRs - 7 Pettis, Dante – (1) Brown, Antonio – 2 Hill, Tyreek – 2 Isabella, Andy - (1) Kirk, Christian - 2 Goodwin, Marquise - (1) Thomas, Demaryius - (1) TEs - 3 Henry, Hunter – (2) Olsen, Greg – (1) Graham, Jimmy - (1) Ks - 1 Zeurlein, Greg – (1) D/ST - 1 Rams - (1) Practice Squad Andersen, Bruce Boyken, Miles Cuts: Crowder, Jamison Perine, Samaje Hines, Nyheim – (1 penalty year) Montgomery, Ty - (1 penalty year) Kelley, Rob – (1 penalty year) Retired: n/a Injured Reserve: n/a Total active players - 20 Existing contract years - 10 New contract years - 21 Total Penalty Years (if any) - 3 Total contract years - 34
  13. FA - Lamar Jackson

    10 credits Icarus
  14. FA - Lamar Jackson

    6 credits Icarus