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  1. One song

    Can't Keep No Good Boy Down - The Parlor Mob
  2. Is This Speaking On Someone's Behalf?

    As other users have suggested, it might have been best to have said "I'm not the only one who sees it this way; there are others, and they will speak for themselves," or something to that effect. Nonetheless, it also doesn't look like you're making someone passive by speaking for them. Most people are concerned about speaking for others because it may be a manipulative move in that one tries to convince people that they're better off being represented than repping themselves. Sometimes, whoever does this convincing has their own purpose(s) in mind. But it doesn't seem to be the case with your example. Moreover, speaking for others is a big concern today. It is an almost intolerable thing at many private workplaces. Sociologists say this (speaking for others) is still fairly common in public sector workplaces, where rank and hierarchy matter. Not saying they don't in the private sector, just less may be. Mid-level workers at private firms have their voices subsumed by the HR, so the private is no heaven either. Ultimately, speaking for others is not tolerated because it negates their agency.
  3. One song

    Blood to Bleed by Rise Against
  4. Audible/Audio Books

    I haven't listened to audio books, but I love podcasts. Of late, I've been listening to The New Yorker's Writers Read podcast, and it's quite great. Certainly, it's a literature podcast, so not much sports-related happening there. But I do love to read psychology texts in relation to sports. I play ultimate, and reading psych helps sometimes. Currently reading Schultz and Schultz's Theories of Personality. Interesting in the context of how much pressure student athletes face: they gotta do well academically, on the field, please parents, teachers, friends, and the school. Not many handle this too well, and understandably so. Doesn't matter whether you're a so-call introvert or extrovert, pressure is pressure. The book deals with, among other things, how therapy can help us overcome pressure and other barriers. Quite interesting.
  5. Premier League begins!

    Wow. This thread has gone unbelievably dry! Interesting things happening though: Poch sacked, Mou back. Ole finding it tough, Lampard on the rise. Liverpool unstoppable, City quite inconsistent. Nice season overall. Let's have some action here guys! Come on!