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  1. I just pulled the trigger on a trade

    Same here, both are BOTH leagues where I felt he was good value where I got him in the 2nd round. Let's hope he proves everyone wrong and strings together a nice season from here on out.
  2. "Advice" and "Advise"

    Dude, love the sponge monkey avatar. Check this link out if you like them: Kind of stupid, but still funny in a slightly disturbing kind of way I think. Can't believe Quizno's bailed on them so fast.
  3. I just pulled the trigger on a trade

    Seems like most Huddlers are extremely down on Green this year, so you'll probably be getting a lot of "bad trade" comments Brent. I still like Green a lot more than most it seems, but I play in mostly PPR leagues where he has a bit more value. All in all I think I would still prefer Portis slightly in a non-PPR scoring, but I think the difference between the two isn't great and if you're gut told you otherwise (and quite the impressive gut it is judging by your avy ) then it's probably not a bad move.
  4. "Advice" and "Advise"

    However, I'm glad someone finally posted this. It's been driving me nuts the last couple of seasons as well Furley.
  5. Greetings

    Darn you for getting that Half-Pint song stuck in my head all night.
  6. I can't hate Lelie...he's a UH alumn and I am too in a not-really-kind-of-way (I took 1 weekend class there years ago). Though I did see Tom Brady and the Wolverines come in and whoop the crap out of the 'Bows back in 1998 I believe. :doah:
  7. WDIS at Flex?

    Thanks fellas, it seems like it's unanimous...Taylor it is then.
  8. And I agree with Giantsfan on this too. Only I don't hate Lelie...not crazy about him, but I'm still unconvinced that Burleson is too much of an upgrade over him, especially considering he's hurt right now. Deuce on the other hand I think is a clear upgrade over Dunn.
  9. Exactly what I was thinking on both counts. But if you want to corner the market on Denver RBs and hope that one emerges as yet another stud this season, it's not terrible as both Foster and Rogers have disappointed greatly thus far (though it has only been 2 weeks).
  10. Yankees Collapsing

    Don't look now, but there's a new AL-East division leader tonight. Well, I guess them leading the division isn't exactly "new."
  11. WDIS at Flex?

    12-team performance scoring BOTH league with 0.5 point-per-recption. My options aren't that stated above, it comes down to: Ronnie Brown vs. Carolina or Travis Taylor vs. Saints I am usually inclined to go RB at Flex, and have been starting Brown there so far. I am 2-0 in this league, but the thing is that Brown hasn't been doing much, and Carolina has a pretty stout Run-D. They held Deuce McAllister to 64 yards on 26 carries in Week 1, and Corey Dillon to 36 yards on 14 carries in Week 2. Taylor on the other hand is coming off a decent week and plays against a fairly soft D in the Saints. Plus with Burleson out, he should be the #1 receiving target for the Vikings this week. Am I just thinking too much or is Taylor the way to go? Thanks.
  12. The reason would be because I think LT is still the best fantasy player in the game. But I think I still make that deal. I really like Deucey and Parker has looked fantastic as well. Plus I think Burleson is highly overrated. Freeing up salary cap space is just a bonus.
  13. Anyone picking up K. Rob?

    I picked up K-Rob in one of my 12-teamers last week and have a bid in for him in another league this week. The talent is there, it just remains to be seen if his head is really on straight. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but I'd pretty much guarantee he has more upside than any other WR you'd find on waivers in most leagues. I think it comes down to, if you've got a spare roster spot, why not give him a shot? But like Fenokee says, I wouldn't throw him in a starting fantasy lineup just yet.
  14. Exactly. As bad a Culpepper has looked, I'd take my chances if I could get him on the cheap.
  15. Was looking for a link and just realized where I read that...In Yo Mama's "Waiver Wire Warriors" feature on the main page (if you're a Huddle member you can check it out, he has a detailed analysis of Perry there). Here is a good quote on Perry from the Cincinnati Enquirer, and also there is a link below to the full article: