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  1. Reggie Bush hurt in warmups

    Bell in on first play.
  2. It is halftime... Ray Rice 11yds on 6 carries.

    Seriously, we're half way through the season and he has under 300 yards rushing. Just pathetic.
  3. Mike Cox

    With the Giants porous offensive line, I don't expect he'll be able to get much penetration against the Viking D.
  4. Bears-Gmen thread

    He might get there yet.
  5. 15 years & counting

    Been playing fantasy football 18 years, and often in multiple leagues per year. In all that time, I think I pulled the #1 pick twice. Once about 5 or 6 years back in a BOTH league in which I took Ladanian Tomlinson and won the league. The other time was back in 1999 when Terrell Davis was the consensus #1 pick. I really didn't like the idea of not having a second pick until slot #24 that year, so I traded out of the #1 slot and to the back of the draft and it ended up being a lucky decision as Davis ended up blowing up his knee early in the season. I think I ended up finishing in second place that season. Like you, Buddha, for whatever reason I almost always end up drafting towards the tail end of the first round.
  6. I'll give it a try if there are still openings.
  7. Your favorite "chain" BBQ

    Their Ultimate BBQ Burgers are really tasty.
  8. D-Will to be released?

    Williams hasn't been very productive since the 2009 season...which of course happens to be the exact same season during which Stewart was last productive. See any hypocrisy here? Mocking people for still believing in Williams while at the same time insinuating that you are still excited about Stewart? Yes, Williams will be 30 in April, and McGahee will be 32 in October. Again, see any contradiction or hypocrisy to your arguments? Actually, Moreno is a very solid back in the passing game, not even remotely "horrid." And one of the main reasons that Moreno was given the starting gig over Ball, et al once McGahee went down last season was BECAUSE he could block and protect Peyton, while the others could not. Oh yeah, and he fumbled ONCE last season. I'm sorry, Taz, but your blind love for Stewart is leading you to just talking out of your ass on this one, with absolutely no support in fact for your arguments.
  9. Redskins/Seahawks Game Thread

    Definitely did not look good. Be surprised if he didn't tear something.
  10. Huddler leads 2012 NFFC Online Championship after Wk 14

    Seriously awesome, man, congratulations to you!
  11. Bryce Brown

    Looks impressive early.
  12. The Weekly Milk Carton Thread

    Michael Crabtree. And I can't handle another FG-less week from Greg the Leg.
  13. McGahee

    Evidently, there's a pretty good chance. 20 rushes for 85 yards, and 4 receptions for 26 yards won't set the world on fire, but it should be enough for him to keep the starting gig moving into next week, and in a PPR league he can be a nice asset to have for sure.
  14. The Most Useless Player on Every Team

    Mark Ingram? Really? I think half of these guys on Bleacher Reports write their articles just to try and draw attention to themselves rather than actually offer any real insight.
  15. McGahee

    This is what I was wondering. I know he's coming off an injury from last year and has been inactive on gamedays for the better part of this year, but he was a first round pick just a few years back and has shown some ability in the past. I tend to like gambling on talent, is there any chance he gets back in the mix, gets an opportunity, and runs with it?