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  1. Brandon Bolden

    That's funny man. I did a few drafts on and drafted him in the 18th round, because I had no clue if maybe someone knew something! How funny would it be if he ended up being the 20th best this year!? You know he will have that one game with like 3 Touchdowns tho! It's a given!
  2. Brandon Bolden

    Ya, I'd tend to more agree with the overvalued. However, I've been so wrong with NE many times. Any clue why puts Bolden at #20 overall? I've been trying to find anything that says he's been getting first team reps, or that something was said. Any thoughts at all on him?
  3. Brandon Bolden

    I noticed Brandon Bolden was ranked pretty high on the rankings, #20 overall and #1 back for NE. With James White not showing up at all. I'm very curious to hear anyone's opinion on what his prospects for this year are. I understand with Bill, anything is possible, however I find this one as an interesting topic of discussion. Would love to hear different thoughts on this. Thanks a lot everyone.