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  1. 16 Teams / 4 Divisions / 13 Keepers / 4 Division Winners Host 4 best Wild Card Teams / All rules voted on by Majority +1, so no crazy rules. This is the Toughest League in the World! You can be proud of yourself if you can win here. THIS IS NOT AN EASY LEAGUE. IF YOU'RE A ROOKIE...THIS LEAGUE IS NOT FOR YOU. TOO WIN A SUPER BOWL, YOU MUST FLAWLESSLY HAVE A GOOD DRAFT, SKILLFULLY ADMINISTER WAIVER WIRE PICKUPS AND IF NECESSARY FILL A HOLE OR TWO BY TRADING. Too Win a Super Bowl, You must flawlessly have a good draft, skillfully administer waiver wire pickups, and if necessary fill a hole or two by trading. If you want to churn your roster, or play wack-a-mole, you need a free-league, because you suck and would come in dead last anyway. If you want to trade your 2nd and 3rd round picks for the number 1 pick in the're dreaming and need a league with idiots in it. All trades are voted on and nobody is going to let uneven trades go through. This league is starting it's eleventh year and it's stayed in business because it's fair. We use a professional draft, not snake. So the weaker teams have the advantage. This works well because no team has ever won two Super Bowls in a row. I like to say, "It's easier to get good, than stay good." Yeah, the Super Bowl winner drafts last in every round. So the competition stays pretty even. 16 Teams. 4 Divisions: NFC North, NFC South, AFC East, AFC West. 18 Player Rosters, 13 Keepers, Draft July 13th, 9 p.m. eastern 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 1TE, 1 K, 1 DST. Return Guys score for team they are on to add to viable waiver wire possibilities. No Crutch PPR. PPR was started because WR's were inconsistent. Now it's mostly RB by committee. I pay all hosting fees, buy the trophies and pay shipping. $27.50 entree fee: 100% Payout, $175, $125, $75, $25, $40. This means if you win Wild Card Weekend, you're in the money! The $40.00 prize is for Coach of the Year, the team that scores the most regular season points. This can be won alone or added to any other prize. Contact: Steven V. Duran Managing General Partner NFL Championship Football League Text: NFL Team to (940) 206-8007 when you want to talk and get a link...