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  1. Anyone out there been running a dynasty league on ESPN? Our group is finally going to transition into dynasty and id like to see what kinds of things other leagues do and look like. Ill start with our league. This isnt set in stone either and im looking for tips and ideas. 14 teams 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 WR/TE Flex 1 Flex 1 IDP (I want to do two IDPs but I would like to have one LB and one DE/DT/DB flex, I dont think that can be done on ESPN. Anyone help?) 1 Kicker Im still shaky on roster size. Im thinking 27. 3 IR and 3 Taxi squad. Auction waivers. 1. Ill need to do some sort of spread sheet for this right? How do you guys do it? 2. Would the waivers be a wasteland with this kind of setup? I kind of want the waivers to at least be kinda active? Do you guys do something like forcing a team to drop a number of players every year? 3. How do you guys do your Taxi squads and how does that work on ESPN? Im thinking holding on to a player for 2 years and then they have to come out. 4. Also, how do you guys draft rookie classes every year? I dont know what to do here.