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  1. Hello, I am starting a Fantasy Football Promotion and Relegation league in which I will run multiple divisions of 10 teams each. the top division still has 2 spots open and will be the only division with a buy-in in order to get to the top division immediately. Every other division will not have a buy in but division 2 and 3 will likely have a prize.Like I previously mentioned I'm looking for 2 in Division one along with 5 in Division two. I' have not recruited for any division below division 2. But, want to get as many as 10 and branch into other sports too.All rules are unchanged and roster size slightly different with 2QB and no KickerPayouts: 1st - $100. and no payout below division 3.It is a PPR league it is a 3 week 6 team playoff.The draft isn't scheduled yet because I would like to draft a little closer to the season and want to fill at least 3 divisions first.Any other details you might need to know send me a message or reply below. We also have a discord in which I'm trying to build. But, not requiredThank you for anyone who joins I'm very excited for the season of Fantasy football. I also have a have a few unaffiliated leagues that you can join too that are looking for 2 members each.
  2. Leagues - 15 in total (Join as many as you would like) Individual Position Leagues (3 in total) 3 leagues of 8 team individual positions one for Quarterbacks, one for Runningbacks, and one for Wide Receivers, PPR Scoring with some added scoring for each separate league. Completely Free QB League 3QB and 2BE, WR League 4WR and 3BE, RB League 3RB and 3BE 10 Division Gauntlet League (10 in total) 10 division Promotion and Relegation system for a 10 level fantasy challenge with 10 teams each, PPR Scoring. Completely Free (Possible to change after S1) Standard roster size only change is 2QB (Subject to change) Buy in PPR Leagues $100 prize (2 in total) 2 Leagues of PPR Scoring 10 teams each $10 buy in - $100 prize to 1st in both leagues Roster Size = 17 with 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1K, 7BE, and 2IR All Leagues Run on ESPN Fantasy Draft Date Undecided for all league, I like to make sure most members help pick a date together before deciding the date we draft. Staying active on the Discord channel I have made personally for this league. I'm a very fair commissioner and hope to see you in one of my leagues this year. I also prefer you have Discord for any league of mine that you join. If you don't have discord, it's a very simple FREE app that for chatting and having everything from league news to draft talk. Ask for me for an invite to the chat after you join. PM me or comment below for signing up or asking questions about any of the leagues mentioned above let me know. Thank everyone and best of luck this season! Which league(s) are you interested in joining?