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  1. Keeper option/trade

    It would be Mahomes at 14 for Thomas at 10.
  2. Keeper option/trade

    Anyone, we only get one keeper. I could just target a top teir qb at round 4-5
  3. Keeper option/trade

    Oh yeah, it's also half ppr
  4. I am in a 10 team league with keepers that require one round higher selection for the first year you keep them with an additional 2 then 3 round jump and so on. I got Patrick Mahomes in the 15th round last year so that means I can get him in the 14th this year. But I was just offered a trade for Michael Thomas whom I would get to keep in the 10th round due to him being someone else's keeper. I got 2nd last year and had a few mid round trades so getting 1st/2nd round value with Thomas at 10 vs 4th round value at 14th is a tough choice for me. Mahomes is definitely at his highest value right now and could see some increased challenges as defenses figure it out. But at the same time he could be my clutch qb for years to come. Thoughts?