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  1. Need Help Selecting keepers

    Thank you both. My thoughts were Cohen/Godwin as well. Glad that you both confirmed. Thanks!
  2. Need Help Selecting keepers

    Thanks for replying. It is 1 point PPR. Cohen - 15th round Godwin was undrafted and waiver wire pickup so he would take up my last draft pick Drake - Round 5 Miller - round 5 Moore - Round 10 Barber - undrafted waiver pickup. Would take up a late round spot for me thanks again.
  3. Hi Everyone. I am in a 10-person keeper league. You can keep 2 players from last year's roster after round 4. You then lose that pick in the following season's draft. My team really under-performed last year so I ended up trading most of my better players for picks in this year's draft. Here are my potential keepers. I would love some help in choosing who to keep. They were all late round picks/picked up off waivers so I will not be losing any great benefit in the draft by keeping anyone. 1.) Tarik Cohen 2.) Kenyan Drake 3.) DJ Moore 4.) Chris Godwin 5.) Peyton Barber 6.) Lamar Miller Also, one of the owners offered up Kerryon for a 6th round pick. That's another possible keeper if you think he's head and shoulders above one of the other RB options I listed. Thanks in advance for your help.