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  1. Keeper Help needed

    Its between jones and kenny G. I would personally go with jones but golladay is just as good for a 9th round selection. But jones has the higher upside and thats still good value for a potential top 10 running back
  2. Keeper option/trade

  3. I would go with chubb or Connor you have a 33% chance of getting a top 4 pick anyway netting production equal to Barkley. Even if you dont getting a rb 1 in the 10 or 11th moves your ceiling so much higher in my opinion
  4. 14 team 1/2 ppr 1 keeper league with a roster format of 1Qb 1rb 2wr 1te 2flex( rb wr te) k,D,IDP. My question is do i keep christian mcaf as a second round keeper pick 17 overall or should i keep Aaron Jones as a late 9th round keeper and hope i can get better value overall with a deeper team? I feel like i want to keep Jones and go wr wr in first 2 rounds but something is telling me i may be making huge mistake not keeping Christian. Any help greatly appreciated