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  1. What are you guys thoughts on drafting both Carson and Penny on the same team. I did it in my 14 team draft this pass weekend and am wondering is this a good strategy for future drafts. The way i see it Carson could be a low rb1 or high rb2 and Penny a flex with the amount of run plays Seattle does and at worse if 1 goes down you have a workhorse back in one of the leagues top running offenses. 

  2. Mahomes scored 627.50 fantasy points.

    2nd was big ben with 554

    9th was rogers at 468.


    Running back todd gurley scored 338

    9th running back cohen scored 214. 


    I traded McCaffrey because im essentially getting three good players for him. If i kept him as a keeper i would have him in first and someone else in second. Now i get 2 first round picks plus a keeper with good value(mahomes jones or johnson)

  3. 14 team 1/2 ppr 1 keeper league. 1 qb 1rb 2wr 1te 2 flex(wr,rb,te) kicker defense idp league.

    Should i keep Mahomes as an 8th round keeper

    Kerryon Johnson-9th

    AARON Jones-11th.  

    Qbs get 1/2 point per completion and 1 point per 50 yards 6points per td. Bonus of 3 at 300, 4 at 400, and 5 at 500.

    This league tends to draft QB earlier then others.

    Any advice would help thanks

  4. I understand that every QB gets the same bump but if Mahomes performs the best these bonuses seem like they would widen the gap between other QB. For example 5 tds at 4point value would be 20. But at 6 Thats 30. So if another qb gets 4 td at 4 points thats 16. But in 6 point league thats only 24. So the gap widens. Then when you add in 3 point bonus at 300 4 point bonus at 400 and 5 point bonus at 500 it seems like Mahomes would seperate from other Qbs easier then in a standard league which is whats making the decision so hard

  5.  14 team half a ppr league with Qb getting 6 points per td plus bonus for passing yards at 300 400 and 500. Also 1/2 point per completed pass. League also has bonus for rushing at 150 and receiving at 150 yards. Should I keep Mahomes as a 8th round keeper or C mac as a 2nd round keeper. I pick 12th overall so c mac would be pick 17. Im thinking to go with Mahomes but am i getting better keeper value with Cmac?

  6. 14 team 1/2 ppr 1 keeper league with a roster format of 1Qb 1rb 2wr 1te 2flex( rb wr te) k,D,IDP.

    My question is do i keep christian mcaf as a second round keeper pick 17 overall or should i keep Aaron Jones as a late 9th round keeper and hope i can get better value overall with a deeper team? I feel like i want to keep Jones and go wr wr in first 2 rounds but something is telling me i may be making huge mistake not keeping Christian. Any help greatly appreciated