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  1. No RB's and a dream

    Can you add Joe Mixon in there as well? I'll throw in a future draft pick also.
  2. No RB's and a dream

    Haha, I'll overpay within a reasonable amount...Your first trade offer early on in the season was not very attractive.
  3. No RB's and a dream

    How about Tre Quan Smith from the Saints for Jordan Howard?
  4. FA: Will Dissly

    3 credits Tyreke's Weak Punch Add to starting lineup and drop Benny Snell, assuming that's possible.
  5. In search of a starting RB...Will trade a starting WR for them. Shane, no low ball offers.
  6. FA- Jamison Crowder

    3 credits & 2 contract years
  7. FA: Chris Thompson

    2 contract years
  8. Insert Godwin to starting lineup this week. Rest of lineup is still in flux.
  9. Move Lamar Miller & Jace Sternberger to IR
  10. Malcolm Brown, LAR, RB Tyreke's Weak Punch 2 credits
  11. FA- Jamison Crowder

    Tyreke's Weak Punch 3 credits
  12. FA: Browns Defense

    2 credits*
  13. FA: Bills Defense

    2 credits*
  14. FA: Matt Bryant

    Matt Bryant, Atlanta, Kicker Tyreke's Weak Punch 2 credits
  15. FA: Vernon Davis

    Vernon Davis, Washington, TE Tyreke's Weak Punch 2 credits Still add to starting lineup