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  1. Supreme offenses, poor defenses, rescheduling nightmares and increased amount of injuries come to mind when he speaks about complete anarchy.
  2. Worst Manager of All-Time

    Haha. I played him this week and he put up 16 points.
  3. Worst Manager of All-Time

    You can just email me: I look forward to some offers.
  4. Is the title I would give myself in the first two years of being a fantasy manager within this league. It's obvious I have traits of Bill O Brien, but luckily I can't get fired from the league. With all that said, everyone on my roster is on the trade table, even though most of them are probably unwanted. I'm in search of credits and/or draft picks so send some offers my way.
  5. FA Bid: Matt Prater

    Sorry, my sarcasm wasn't very noticeable there. Yeah, he didn't get cut because of COVID.
  6. FA Bid: Matt Prater

    I think the Bucs cut Matt Gay because of COVID? Lol, isn't that the same thing? 2 credits is fine.
  7. FA Bid: Matt Prater, K, Detroit 1 credit & 1 contract year Drop Matt Gay & accept 1 penalty year Immediately insert Prater to starting lineup
  8. 2020 dues tracking

    Tyreke's Weak Punch paid via PayPal.
  9. RFA end - reminder

    Also, can league dues be sent via Venmo or other money transfer apps?
  10. TE's for sale

    I'm slowly trying to figure this out, but it appears my roster is tight end heavy right now. Assuming it's allowed to make a trade at this time, is anyone in need of a tight end? I'd really be looking just for credits instead of additional players. Thanks.
  11. Tyreke's Weak Punch - tentative - not final QBs Brady, Tom - (1) Jones, Daniel - (3) Mayfield, Baker - 2 RBs Coleman, Tevin - (1) Harris, Damien - (3) Ingram, Mark - (1) Michel, Sony - 1 Moss, Zack - (2) Thompson, Chris - 1 WRs Allen, Keenan - 2 Edwards, Bryan - (3) Hopkins, DeAndre - 2 Parker, DeVante - (2) Samuel, Curtis - 1 TEs Dissly, Will - (2) Gronkowski, Rob - (1) Sternberger, Jace - (3) Ks Gay, Matt - 2 D/ST Bills - (2) Buccaneers - (1) Practice Squad Asiasi, Devin Hurts, Jalen Cuts: Wilkins, Jordan Oliver, Josh Miller, Lamar Brown, Malcolm Smith, Tre-Quan Everett, Gerald - (1) penalty year Retired: n/a Injured Reserve: Total active players - 20 Existing contract years - 11 New contract years - 25 Total Penalty Years (if any) - 1 (Everett, Gerald) Total contract years - 37
  12. RFA Bid - Bills D/ST

    I better match and retain the #2 ESPN ranked defense.
  13. RFA BID - Smith, Ito

    I’ll pass on Ito. He’s been an underachiever so I’m sure he will have a breakout season.