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  1. Im cool with it. Not sure youll get a timely 12 votes, but worth a shot. In general, is there a "deadline" to submit votes for rule changes? seemed like the other two rule changes took at least a week and that was just to get 8 votes.
  2. my personal take, i dont think the "assume 1 year" should take place retroactively because 1) im pretty sure over half of previous FA bids fall into this category and it would be a pain to go through all of them, and 2) from what I can tell the commissioners weren't aware that this was a rule in the first place. I believe the role of a commissioner is to enforce rules, and I dont think this was enforced correctly. of course it would be most ideal to layout contract years and any roster moves in the original, bid but i would be ok with a 48 hour window upon the aquisition to finalize any roster moves and contract years. and after that point, a penalty can be put in place
  3. Team Contract Spreadsheet

    Online it shows that the rosters on MFL are up to date but in the app it doesn’t? Know anything about this? also you don’t have my 4th round pick showing in the taxi squad
  4. COVID rules

    I’ll vote yes on this, but I think it should be delineated as to whether or not there is a limit on how many players you can have on IR with a covid designation
  5. I dont mind having IR and taxi squad as separate, whatever is easiest. I think when you responded to this, this is how you would handle it on MFL? I am more interested as to how it would all be listed in the contract spreadsheet. If you look at the contracts that have already been submitted, Shane/Gizmo/Gameday Demons listed his opt outs under "COViD IR". Im cool with this, but I would say this get finalized sooner rather than later. Before next weeks kickoff at the very least.
  6. 2020 dues tracking

    Sent via paypal. Let me know whenever you recieve it. Thanks
  7. Sam Allen QBs Bridgewater, Teddy - (2) Rodgers, Aaron - 1 RBs Carson, Chris - (4) Freeman, Royce - 1 Gurley, Todd - 3 Kelley, Josh - (2) Mostert, Raheem - (3) Murray, Latavius - (1) White, James - 1 Williams, Trayveon - (1) WRs Evans, Mike - 2 Fuller V, Will - (3) Jefferson, Justin - (4) Jennings Jr., Gary - (1) Lockett, Tyler - 2 Moncrief, Donte - 1 Sanders, Emmanuel- (1) TEs Fant, Noah - 1 Ks Tucker, Justin - 1 D/ST Colts - (1) Practice Squad Claypool, Chase Rohrwasser,Justin Cuts: Foles, Nick Morris, Alfred Butt, Jake Gostkowski, Stephen Jaguars Panthers Retired: n/a Injured Reserve: Burton, Trey - 1 Total active players - 20 Existing contract years - 14 New contract years - 23 Total Penalty Years (if any) - 0 Total contract years - 37
  8. Colts D/ST, IND 2 Credits Sam
  9. RFA Bid - Bills D/ST

    Should have put 5 credits
  10. RFA Bid - Jared Cook

    well just the convos we have had, in a case where an owner does not want to match a bid, said owner could pursue another player. Im not too worried about it. I very well could have made this bid before 8 and i didnt
  11. RFA Bid - Jared Cook

    I thought it was a bid confusing tbh. If it’s too late, you can cancel the bid
  12. Jared Cook, TE, NO, Feelers 2 credits Sam Allen
  13. Regarding #1, In favor, but seems like the last sentience is pointless. If I am reading it like it was intended, it should be followed by "see #2" because I think you are referring to anyone that opts out after week 5. Regarding #2, I am in favor of player losing a year, but why would they not be able to join the indefinite taxi squad? Doesnt make sense that you would keep pre week 5 opt outs to the taxi squad and post week 5 to IR. Regarding #3, I agree with it. But it will be tricky for when a player comes back, and another player has been picked up. I would propose for any roster decision that needs to be made at point of players return to be similar to the proposed IR rule change (giving a week's time to make necessary roster decision and starting charging credits for every week in delay).
  14. Bills D/ST, BUF, Tyreek's Weak Punch 2 Credits Sam Allen
  15. RFA Bid: Julian Edelman

    Gonna pass on this. Decline.