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  1. Cheat sheet tiers?

    Glad to see that many others are looking for the Tiers on the cheat sheets. even if its just on the standard sheets that would be a start. Don't fix wants not broken. The huddle has had tiers for the past 10+ plus years why change now? I hope you will reconsider if you get many more request as the seasons getting closer. Thanks Niz 17 year member of the Huddle
  2. Cheat sheet tiers?

    i use both but mostly custom according to my settings for my two leagues. I know i can kinda do it on my own by drawing lines in the cheatsheets. It was just a really cool feature that I thought really help me make decsions during the the draft, Example would be I have one WR left in Tier 2 and had 5 RB left in Tier two I would go for the one WR and hope that one rb tier 2 would still be thier . very long term Subscriber and never had a need to post on the form before. Love the Huddle and the weekly format during the season. I really think you will get more people inquiry about the missing tiring in the coming weeks. Niz
  3. Cheat sheet tiers?

    WOW no more tiers on the cheat sheet??? very disappointed! some of my drafting strategy were based on the huddle tiering. That was one of my favorite draft features of the Huddle. Very useful. I am very long-term Huddle member and have been using the site maybe 12-13+ years. I hope some others posters will post the disappoint of not having non tier cheat sheets.. Would love if they could bring it back in some form. Thanks Niz