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  1. tielen and green for barkley

    who over thielen though? julio?
  2. tielen and green for barkley

    hill and hopkins owner won't bite and thielen guy starved for rb's...
  3. tielen and green for barkley

    and barkley is who you'd sell @CrazyCajun
  4. tielen and green for barkley

    so you all would keep chubb, cook and zeke over keeping barkley (good match up this week for sure) and you would start thielen over cooper this week?
  5. tielen and green for barkley

    would you start either thielen or hollywood over cooper going forward?
  6. should i make this trade - i give barkley and get thielen and aj green (or could get hollywood brown or marvin jones) i have chubb, dalvin cook and zeke as my other rb's and only evans , amari and kirk as other wideouts, seems a shame to sit one of those 4 backs, is it an upgrade to get thielen or the other wideouts and do i start them over amari??
  7. Barkley or Chubb rest of the way?

    you saying keep chubb or trade chubb @Montana is da Man
  8. Barkley or Chubb rest of the way?

    haha no. i have chubb, cook, zeke and barkley (10 team league and i traded well) need to compliment my wide out core with evans - who of the bunch should i offer for tyreek hill?
  9. Barkley or Chubb rest of the way?

    move or keep chubb @Comm1
  10. Barkley or Chubb rest of the way?

    so you move barkley if possible or would you move zeke?
  11. Likely trying to trade out of Amari Cooper and add either Barkley or Chubb and get hopefully Tyreek Hill or D Hop plus a throw in. This would leave my WR: Evans and either Hill / DHop and my RB's: Zeke, Dalvin Cook and either Barkley or Chubb - whoever remained. I am in a must win and win with some points to grab last playoff spot. Thoughts?
  12. More mobile QB's have been able to score (scarcely) against SF - Rodgers isn't that mobile...is he? Brissett diced Houston for 31 points last time out - does that tape dimish what he is able to do this week against them?
  13. QB Start question

    True but doesn't losing Mack takes away that dump option that would have freed Hilton up more...
  14. Veto a trade question

    on the one hand sure i agree but on the other hand at least the owner is still participating - as long as the trade is fair and would have been acceptable prior to falling out of playoff push...much better than out of contention owners taking their ball, quitting and going home. Our league pays out through the year and consolation finishers too to keep the participation up all year
  15. QB Start question

    Wentz, Rodgers and Brissett Do i start Wentz this week (at home vs Seattle) over Rodgers (away vs SF) and Brissett (away vs Houston)? Difficult starting Thursday night players unless absolutely have to and don't have to here...right? How would you rank these three this week?