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  1. Okay - looks like i might be pulling trigger on a three for two trade. Tell me if i am nuts. I send Gordon, Godwin and either Brown or Williams I get Zeke and Amari Cooper. I am doing it only so i don't have two Bucs at WR. Nuts? Go for it? Thoughts? My Roster: QB: C. Wentz, J. Brissett and A.Rodgers RB: D. Cook, S. Barkley, N. Chubb and M. Gordon WR: M. Evans, C. Godwin, M. Williams, C. Kirk and J. Brown TE: T. Kelce K: J. Tucker D: Vikings
  2. Carr or Wentz ROS

    Drop Wentz for Carr rest of the way?
  3. other rb: barkley (hurt?), chubb (time with hunt?), dalvin (beast!) and gordon other wr: evans, godwin, m. williams, j. brown, c. kirk is thielen healthy? worth gordon?
  4. I give gordon and get kupp or i give gordon and mike williams and get cooper
  5. Three for two trade - am i nuts?

    agreed kinda lateral it is merely a play to not have two Bucs starting together...
  6. okay irish. i give gordon, godwin and john brown (trying to give mike williams instead but he isn't having it) i get zeke and amari cooper - now he is throwing in alshon jeffrey - i am saying either engram or everett... am i nuts?
  7. Three for two trade - am i nuts?

    he is offering to throw in alshon jeffrey now if i give brown...
  8. Three for two trade - am i nuts?

    should cooper's tough ROS schedule cause some pause?
  9. Three for two trade - am i nuts?

    could do christian kirk too...
  10. Not sure those owners would swap receivers without getting RB help
  11. Hesitant to keep both, although they both are solid - thinking of trading Godwin and pairing him with one of my RB's When packaged with Gordon i have two offers on the table: 1. Amari Cooper / Todd Gurley and 2. Cooper Kupp / LeVeon Bell A downgrade at RB but my other RB's are Chubb, Barkley and Dalvin Cook. Should i think about moving either Barkley or Chubb instead of Gordon and see if Hill or Thomas owner would budge? Should i just stick with both Buc receivers, hope Winston keeps finding them both in high scoring games? Should i move Gordon and Godwin for one of those offers? Should i try to move Gordon for one of those receivers straight up (and then be faced with decision who to start each week)?
  12. Even though I have Chubb Barkley and Dalvin Cook?
  13. Cooper over Kupp in your view?
  14. Even with Evans as other starting WR? That is the question. could maybe do gordon straight for Kupp or Gordon And mike Williams for Cooper I like Gordon and Godwin better.
  15. two offers: I give gordon and godwin I get either: kupp and bell or cooper and gurley
  16. I am giving Godwin 'm not understanding, who are you getting for Evans or Godwin
  17. So you make the trade over keeping the two bucs? Amari Cooper looked great last week and ROS doesnt look to bad. Im not huge on Gurley but will still be a top 15 RB I think ROS
  18. I have both Buc receivers and am stacked at RB. Wondering if I should part with Godwin and a RB (Gordon). Received two offers for that duo. cooper kupp and leveon bell or amari cooper and todd gurley do I part with Godin or go with two bucs?
  19. PPR too steep an ask for cooper and jones? cooper and gurley better?
  20. Hill owner not biting. But the Amari Cooper / Todd Gurley for Godwin and Gordon owner is good to go...still think I should make that trade? I am getting Cooper / Gurley. Roster would then look like this: qb: Rodgers, Wentz and brissett rb: barkley, Chubb, cook and gurley wr: Evans, Cooper, mike Williams and John Brown te: kelce alternate offer in to me is cooper kupp and Leveon bell for Gordon and Godwin
  21. Or try to sell Barkley and Godwin for Hill and Fournette...?
  22. Really thinking of trading Saquon...

    How about trading away Barkley and Godwin (team 1) for Hill and Fournette (team 2). which team wins there?
  23. I’d be getting both Cooper and Jones or more likely Gurley. Giving Gordon and Godwin. breaking up the bucs receivers so not all eggs in one basket basically. Godwin is and has been great but I have Evans as well...should I or would you I suppose make this offer?