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  1. League Vote REDUX - MFL or Fantrax for 2020?

    Ill say that I have a dynasty team in MFL. As a team owner I find MFL to be more clunky than Fantrax, drafting in particular. We had hickups for sure, but Ive yet to see anything from MFL that justifies spending $70-100 more. -Matt
  2. 2019 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    Yar...thar be slim pickers but I can no afford negative points. Me be thinking that ol Ezekiel Elliot be lookin like a big angry octoenchilada...Krakenesque one might say. In order I be pillagin 1) Sterling Shepparrrrrrd 2) Mark Ingram II the more accomplished son of Pegeyed Ingram the First 3) Carson Wentz Be his Booty Snatched?
  3. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Yarrr none of these teams be worthy of me I be keeping them under guard...Ill not be getting me depths charrrrged. Im skipping and keeping all my team safe.
  4. Rolling Th' Bones

    On August 5, 2019 If the bones be bad I ain't Black Jack Bednarik rolled 5D1000 If the bones be bad I ain't Black Jack Bednarik chose to roll using these parameters once.The result of roll 1 is: [942, 792, 425, 776, 488] -->3423<--This roll is for Black sails league draft order
  5. Privateer waiting list

    Yarrrr, I be Black Jack Bednarick and Ive been looking to join up wit a new crew as me ol ship was dashed upon the rocky shores of inactivity island...the black spot to that wretched place and the scaliwags who cannot make good their shares. Ill be studying the code to keep me booty safe and would like to set sail with the tide to pillage n plundaaaaarrrr! Oh and if you see the ghost of the scurrilous dog Gifford just call on ol Black Jack I knows how to handle him.