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  1. Need A RB?

    Drake or Guice...
  2. Trying to Trade Juju

    I think Juju will be a let down the rest of the year without Ben and now Rudolph. I don't know how much love you got for Williams but Gurley is serviceable for now.
  3. Everett or Waller rest of season?

    Keep Waller...
  4. Julian Edelman against a terrible Washington secondary or Devonta Freeman against Houston?
  5. Flex Spot Open

    Starting at WR are M. Evans and T. Mclaurin (for now) other options are JuJu (currently at flex), John Brown, Curtis Samuel, Allen Robinson, DK Metcalf... I need 2 at WR and one at a flex...thoughts?
  6. Got offered Ekeler and Edelman for Dak and David Johnson. I have Carson Wentz as my starting QB. Should I take the trade?
  7. Dak and D. Johnson for Ekeler and Edelman

    My other RB are Aaron Jones and Malcom Brown. I also have Juju, Evans and Allen Robinson as well as some bench help. The only other RB I would have would be Miles Sanders.
  8. Aaron Jones vs Minnesota (who just stuffed up the Bears backfield) while the Packers looked questionable last week or James White vs. Miami (aka Swiss cheese defense).
  9. If you've got last pick...what's your strategy that has gotten you success?
  10. Deciding Draft Order

    I'm a commissioner and looking for a better way to determine draft order other than randomized by the host site. What's the craziest way you've heard of to determine draft order? I'm thinking of a college "pick'em" for the previous week with confidence points on 10 games. BTW I know all the crazy ways from the show "The League" so you can leave those out. Thank you in advance.
  11. WR in the 12th round?

    Shepard might suprise you...OBJ is gone and teams will be loading the box to stop Saquon and Evan Engram is questionable for health reasons over the course of a whole season. That's a lot of targets up for grabs.