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  1. Time to bail on Zach Moss?

    Julio is a game time decision and Adams is probably out too. So, I need at least on WR to pick up. Of those listed above... Beasley, Humphries? Renfrow is now a possibility as Ruggs is out and Edwards isn't 100%, I don't think.
  2. Time to bail on Zach Moss?

    No one trades in this league, it's really frustrating. I offered Julio and Dobbins for J Taylor to a guy who has A Robinson and Slayton as his top 2 WRs and he was ticked at the lowball offer. I thought it was at least a fair starting point.
  3. So, I gambled with rookie RBs and I think I need to cut one loose. Gibson is looking more and more like he'll be the lead back there. Dobbins, I'm still not sure about. Kelley (picked up on waivers) is getting lots of touches. Moss isn't and he's out this week. I was highest scorer in week 1 thanks to 75 points from Julio and D Adams. I was lowest scoring in week 2 thanks to 10 total points from Julio and D. Adams. One or both who may miss this week. I'm weak at WR with all the RBs I carry. Chark was out last night, but I wouldn't have played him anyway. K'Neal Harry on bench. Not much to choose from on waivers.. Beasley, who wouldn't be a horrible start in my PPR league. Humphries is available, but he's only viable if AJ Brown is out again this week. If both Julio and Adams are out, I only have Neal to plug in and I'll have to drop someone. Is Moss the sacrificial lamb? For.. Beasley, Humphries, Claypool, Bourne (SF is a hospital unit including Jimmy G)
  4. Worth the wait

    I'd pass on that, personally
  5. Trade offer

    12 team PPR I give Locker, Golladay, Conner I get Julio, Marquis Brown, Fournette I lost Saquon and Mostert on Sunday, hoping Mostert isn't too serious. What say you?
  6. RB2 and Flex

    If Conner plays, then who do you recommend? Looks like Sanders is a go too, already dropped Scott
  7. RB2 and Flex

    Rb2: Dobbins, Gibson, Moss, Boston Scott (if Sanders out), Snell (if Conner out) Flex: Chark or Parris Campbell? Have Chark in now but Minnesota got lit up by Packers so it's a better matchup for Parris. Full PPR
  8. Jonathan Taylor Trade

    I'd do that, definitely.
  9. Add which RB

    I am loaded with young rookie RB depth but not sure any are ready to be started yet, currently have JK Dobbins in at RB2. Gibson and Moss on bench.. have Boston Scott but will probably drop him or Bryan Edwards for a viable RB2, until a rookie emerges. Full PPR. Hines at Minnesota...Vikes just gave up over 100 yds rushing to Packers. Malcolm Brown... seems to be getting most run and is the goal line back.. Redskins D-line is pretty good though Benny Snell... he'd probably be my first choice if Conner is ruled out, but we may not know that until waivers clear.. and he's way less valuable if Conner does play AP vs Packers... the old man played pretty well against Bears and he's the lead dog for now, I just need a week or two worth of production Also, could add Robby Anderson or Parris Campbell in addition to one of the above RBs.
  10. My team fared well yesterday thanks to monster games from Jacobs, Adams, and Julio (thanks to 5pt for over 100 yds rec.). I'm up 181-120, he's done and I still have Big Ben to go. Sadly, my RB2 situation is SHAKY!! Picked up Boston Scott but he got hurt, have Gibson, Moss, and Dobbins for next week. Depending on waivers, I could get Hines or Malcolm Brown. Guy with DJ has Kamara and Drake for RBs but Odell and Woods for WRs. Would have been an better offer if Chark had a big game yesterday. Any chance he accepts? This league rarely does trades, btw.. i've been trying for 3 years. I've competed two trades and no other trades have been completed by anyone else.
  11. Should I be worried?

    One thing I'd for sure do, is put Marquis Brown in the Flex spot over Bell. Mixon and Jacobs are studs. Mixon was in a tough matchup, Burrow didn't look great aginst that good Charger d-line, but it should get better. Mixon's touches/opportunities make him a solid start. Jacobs is going to be great. Your Wrs are what's concerning, but Brown might be your saving grace there.
  12. RB Dilemma...help me pls

    Barber and Fournette aren't on the same team, Barber is with Washington now. Which doesn't really help his worth anyway, but he's the only RB they have with much game experience.
  13. Quick Help

    If that doesn't work, look to make a package deal. Send Hilton and Fournette to the RoJo owner or Hilton and Dillon/Pollard/Hyde to the Jones/Zeke/Carson owner. Maybe you can get a David Johnson or Mostert? If they have the depth at RB, maybe they take it? Maybe the person with Chubb is nervous.