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  1. Lots of guys aren't well, McCourty didn't even make trip, I think. Will Fuller is available as FA. Currently have Kirk, McLaurin in as WR2 and one Flex (PPR) Should I roll dice with Fuller vs possiblity depleted Pats D?
  2. Must win

    RB2 and Flex. PPR Mixon vs Jets Guice vs Carolina Marquis Brown vs Niners Darrell Williams available as FA
  3. Need RB2 and/or Flex. Mixon vs Jets is tough matchup buy Dalton will start. Scarbrough has looked good and Bear D is missing two run stuffers. But, Lions seem to never do what you'd expect them to do with RBs? Also had Kirk and McLaurin in my two Flex spots.
  4. WR2

    I have Tyreek and Kirk in bye and have to choose between McLaurin and Renfrow. I actually like Renfrow's growing roll with Raiders but winds and lots if rain may inhibit passing game. Available FAs: J Gordon, Slayton, S Shepard, Conley. Currently have McLaurin starting. Renfrow playing in rain but he's more of a possession receiver so he could see lots of short yardage targets?
  5. Two Flex Spots?

    10 team PPR league, top four teams make playoffs. I'm currently in 7th place at 5-5. 4th place is 6-4 and is my opponent this week. 5th and 6th place are also 5-5 but well ahead of me for Points For. I'm at 1213 and they are at 1418 and 1334. I will not win a tiebreaker so I have to rank 4th or better outright. 2nd and 3rd place are also 6-4, so it's possible to win out and make playoffs but I have little room for error or a loss. Are any of these options better than the three starters listed below? Currently have Mixon as RB2, Marquis Brown and Terry McLaurin at my two Flex spots. Other options.. Howard vs Patriots: Tough matchup that I want to avoid Montgomery vs Rams: I have no confidence in Nagy to get him the ball, especially if Rams get out to big lead (benching him is a guarantee he'll go off lol) Kirk vs Niners: He was held to 8 total yards against SF just two weeks ago, so I'll pass because of matchup L Murray vs TB: Not much more than handcuff to my RB1 Kamara Guice vs Jets: I think he's a stud if he can get/stay healthy but first game back so too risky Fuller vs Ravens: Boom or bust and coming off hamstring injury, stashing for now. Best options available: Renfrow, who seems to be getting more and more targets each week. Fells, Eifert, Doyle, Fant not sure I can trust any of them. Brown is dinged up and "questionable", if he doesn't play, I'll have to roll the dice with someone.
  6. Empty Roster Spot

    I do think AJ Brown has good upside with Tannehill at QB, and he numbers would go down if they go back to Mariota for any reason. Tate has potential with Green out indefinitely and I think benching Dalton might actually give that team a spark. Plus, teams seem to be focused on taking away Boyd.
  7. I made a 2 for 1 trade and now have an open spot, any suggestions on how to fill it. 12 team PPR, with 5pt bonus for 100 yards rushing/receiving. Defense points are also premium, which is why I have two Defenses. QB: Rivers, Carr RB: Fournette, Jacobs, Montgomery, Jaylen Samuels, R Jones WR: Julio, Adams, Marquis Brown TE: Waller Defense: Cleveland, Pittsburgh I had Mark Andrews but he was part of the 2-1 trade so I could stash a TE in case Waller gets hurt. Herndon is available and is slated to start this week or next. Other TEs available: Goddert, Fells, Eifert, Walker. think I'm solid at RB so only other option would be to shore up WR corps. Available WRs: Fuller, AJ Brown, Algohor, D Robinson, Slayton, A Tate, Humphries, Gabriel, Allison
  8. Help clearing up roster spot.

    I'd drop Allen, you don't really need him. As I pick up, I'd try to get Jamaal Williams (if he's available) as Jones handcuff. If he isn't, I'd try to find an RB that has some playing time/target potential. Guice just came off IR, maybe him. Or RoJo. Frank Gore is available in lots of leagues since Singletary is back, but one setback and Gore is a solid emergency plan for you.
  9. RB Depth *Urgent*

    I'd look at who the David Johnson owner has on his roster. He might take a trade for Drake and Mixon for a decent RB of his. It would be perfect if he has Ekeler and would trade Gordon's handcuff to you.
  10. Completed two more trades

    I was willing to overpay for Kamara, out of playoff picture at moment. Chubb was my RB1 and I couldn't afford to lose points to Hunt and I have Latavius in case of Kamara injury. Still have Julio, Tyreek, Kirk, M Brown, and McLaurin for WRs. Plus, Hilton may be out for 2-3 weeks. It was a gamble I was willing to make considering rest of roster.

    I wouldn't do that. I'd package Juju and Ingram/Lindsay and try for one of them. Cooper and None Sanders is a solid WR pair to go with a true RB1. Hurley is gimpy and Lindsay is on a horrible team and got zero targets from new QB.
  12. I need WR help

    As long as Fitz is playing QB, Parker is a good play. Kirk has a great marchup this week.
  13. Two trades in two different leagues Traded Matt Brieda to Coleman owner for Marquis Brown. I'm depleted at WR and needed someone for week 11 bye. Had only two active/healthy. Had to trade RB depth, still have Fournette, Jacobs, Montgomery, R Jones Traded Chubb and Hilton for Kamara. Never thought he'd accept but he did.
  14. Finally traded OBJ!

    I still have Waller.
  15. I traded OBJ and Mark Andrews for Julio. My team is just barely losing each week, usually by 5-10 pts, and OBJ has killed me. Too stressful waiting for Browns to get it together. I feel like Julio has a higher floor. Time will tell...