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  1. M Breida, T Cohen or K Drake

    Interesting I thought that Ballage looked horrible?
  2. .75 PPR Need to drop one? Thanks
  3. One song

    Mr. Brown - Satchel
  4. Fantasy leagues to join?

    Message sent.
  5. Yahoo free league drafting tomorrow at 3pm est. 6 teams, League name King of Kings 4. Roster = QWRT,QWRT,WRT,WRT,WRT,WRT,K,DEF,DEF 4 bench slots and 1 ir. 2 waivers per week and 16 total for the season. Let me know.
  6. Need to drop a RB, but which one?

    Good news, I was able to trade him for Greg Zuerlein. Had to make room for a kicker anyway.
  7. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Under 4 and 12 I'm OK though really I'm fine...
  8. Need to drop a RB, but which one?

    Thanks But what about that powerhouse Jerick McKinnon
  9. 8 team .75 ppr league and I need to drop one of these RB's Nick Chubb Kerryon Johnson Aaron Jones Josh Jacobs David Montgomery Tevin Coleman Thanks