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  1. Edelman or Landry in ppr

    Edelman. He is a better piece of an offense that just lost the best TE in the game. Landry had additions to his team, not substractions.
  2. Quarterback

    If you had to pick on or the other I'd go with Wentz.
  3. Unique Keeper Question

    Most definitely won last year. I didnt lose a game once Chubb got the job.
  4. Graham or Waller?

    I actually like Walker more this year. He is the security blanket for Mariota while Graham looks like he's lost several steps physically. Walker is a better route runner and blocker so he will be on the field much more health permitting. Plus... he's well rested.

    Woods is going in the 3rd/4th while Michel is going ini the 5th. It is way better value to keep Woods. Can always pick Michel in the 5th if you want him so you wont be getting much of the desired value or reward for keeping him at that price.
  6. Due to my league's unique rules in a .5 PPR league with standard positions, I can choose to keep any one of the following 3 players at the cost of a 9th round pick. Which player would you keep at this point? James Conner Nick Chubb Pat Mahomes
  7. Where would you draft Melvin gordon?

    I'd draft him in the 5h or 6th. This way he's on your team after starters are picked. Honestly, he has to play this year if he wants to be a free agent after the season so he will have to report for 6 games in order to have this season count.
  8. Would You Trade

    If you could get fournette, I'd do it. I'd doubt he'd take the deal though.