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  1. Get home and make me a sammich

  2. I love the hot asian avi's you always have. Haha... keep 'em coming.

  3. Who Will Win?

    Rams and falcons. Now I want half the pot if you win. If you welch then never come back.
  4. Manning or Brees?

    You are correct sir and donny boy here is a prime example.
  5. A n00b question

    You make a valid point. Generally, there isn't that much emphasis placed on kickers and defenses because in the grand scheme of fantasy football scoring was set up for QBs, RBs, & WRs. IMO
  6. A n00b question

    Based off of this brilliant post I'd say blah blah blah will be banned shortly as well. Maybe you can trick them and register as blah blah blah blah next time.
  7. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Cat's urine glows under a black light.
  8. 8 Team? Wow, you must have a sweet roster.
  9. Benching Caddy...again

    It sounds like you've answered your own question already. Both RB's will have decent games so go with your gut on this one.
  10. Who else is 0-2?

    I'm 0-2 in a local league, but overall I'm 13-3 for all of my leagues. Roster: Bulger Warner J. Lewis Kevin Jones Thomas Jones N. Davenport S. Smith D. Driver D. Stallworth R. Ferguson A. Gates Vanderjagt NYG DEF I'm still trying to figure why I'm not winning.
  11. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    Same here. One league I'm in only rewards points after 100 yards so the more touches he gets the better chance he has for breaking 100+ each week.
  12. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    Hats off to you Rajn. Many friends and family of mine are in the same situation. Sarcasm or no sarcasm this thread should have never been started to begin with. :shakesheadindisgust:
  13. FWIW Rib-eyes with loaded potatoes