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  1. I guess that's your cue to leave then.
  2. I like you so much, I just made you my sig bîtch. I bet yer real purty.
  3. I always thought it was HUGH MORAN.
  4. Two hot hands. One spot.

    BUF D is tough. I'd sit Carnell over Willie anyday.
  5. Focus Club...don't lose sight of the true cause here.
  6. Once again, if you only knew. I'll just let you keep piling on the intellect.
  7. You're right, this is a message board, not a self-help group for little men like you with tiny peeners. I can't believe that out of 10 million little sperms you made it it. Probably the best accomplishment of your insignificant and worthless life. I think I hear your mom calling for her daily foot rub.
  8. WDIS Larry Johnson vs Chris Brown

    I'll blame my stupidity on the fact that my wife just told me I have to go to a couples shower this Sunday. Anyway, your better off with LJ. I just think there will be more opportunities for him against Oakland.
  9. WDIS Larry Johnson vs Chris Brown

    Ooooppsss My Bad
  10. Bench Favre for Warner

    Warner. I'd give Favre one more week.
  11. Whats the better trade?

    I recommend posting in the right forum for starters
  12. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    You forgot to add this little gem ------->
  13. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    Define strong projected stats, c'mon give us an example. On a side note, Who should I start this weekend guys?
  14. BillFighter

    Pretty cool concept and a decent use of web technology.
  15. Fantasty Football Presentation

    You'll find what you're looking for in this book. He goes into great depth about the origins of Fantasy Football.
  16. Does this make you happy?

    I thought it was because I've already had too many.
  17. Fantasty Football Presentation

    Make sure you site him, I would recommend Mark St. Amant's book "Committed" for starters. Committed
  18. My daughter's softball picnic

    I told my wife last night that we're going to have to plan her pregnancy around baseball playoffs & football. That went over real well.