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  1. AZ / NYG game....

    I watched bits and pieces of the game and I wouldn't necessarily say locked on, it appeared that Fitzgerald was just open more than Boldin.
  2. You know.....

    I have Willie Parker to thank for most of my wins.
  3. You know.....

    I handed you one of those losses but I guess if it's any consolation, you gave me my only lost this week. Edit: Is there an echo in here?
  4. You know.....

    I went 7-1 this week. No complaints here.
  5. MFFL Online Draft Sucked

    Same here. Most of my leagues are through MFL and everything has ran smoothly.
  6. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    I'll go with the Homer pick for week 1....STL RAMS!
  7. 1. Ladainian Tomlinson 2. JJ Arrington 3. Peyton Manning 4. Shaun Alexander 5. Chad Johnson 6. Marc Bulger 7. Ladainian Tomlinson 8. Torry Holt 9. Mike Vanderjagt 10. Atlanta Falcons 11. Baltimore Ravens 12. NY Jets 13. JJ Arrington 14. JJ Arrington 15. Troy Williamson 16. 55 yards 17. Jeff Fisher 18. Steelers 19. St. Louis Rams 20. Steelers tiebreaker: 42 yards
  8. Willie Parker

    Not in any of the leagues you're playing in with me. I believe you'll find him on a few of my rosters.
  9. Looking for new owners in Bling Bling

    Gotcha, keep me on the list for next year. I won't commit to as many.
  10. Looking for new owners in Bling Bling

    Is this the league that you were originally going to do for $500? Looks the the bling bling fell a little.
  11. Any other Super Leauges?

    Yeah no kidding, I just drafted the long snapper for the Rams in the 32 More Homers League.
  12. Proper etiquette

    I don't think he's worth a 4th round pick. Why snag him and let him possibly ride the bench for the entire season when you can grab a decent WR. If Priest goes down during the first few weeks it's hugh, but it seems like too much of a gamble.
  13. Proper etiquette

    Don't worry about it. Now, I wouldn't go snagging him in the 3rd or even the 4th.
  14. Never saw this before!

    You clearly missed the "tailgate" humor I was throwing in there. I guess I should call you the old noob.
  15. Never saw this before!

    Why do you hate America?
  16. Never saw this before!

    It happens a lot in the tailgate.
  17. One of my favorite things about DMD/WW

    That little gem there made my morning.
  18. Love this PLace!

    Don't listen to him, only the weirdos hangout at the Tailgate. Welcome.
  19. kevin curtis

    Look for Curtis to pull in a big game every now and then but I wouldn't consider him a starter unless you have him at #3. He'll average about 40-50 yards a game with the rare 90-110.