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  1. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

    I liked Starship Troopers as well. Dune Bladerunner Planet of the Apes
  2. 12.32 minutes to draft

    IMO that's a pretty strong roster with the exception of QB. Well done.
  3. Explain Your Login Name!

    My parents didn't like me so they named me twiley.
  4. 12.32 minutes to draft

    You made the right choice.
  5. A Green, T Barber, J Jones?

    You started this topic here but then you posted it again in the football discussion forum. You're just asking for a trouncing from the vets. Just remember, anything advice related goes in this forum. The answer to your question, JJ, hands down. I think Barber's numbers are going to decrease this year along with Greens. JJ is a top notch back and if you compare his stats at the end of the season to these guys you'll see he's the way to go.
  6. A Green, Barber, J Jones?

    Well, this could get interesting.
  7. David's on Internet Radio Today

    Someone needs to send in a question asking DMD how he feels about fire ants.
  8. I'm leaving the huddle

    There reallly needs to be a newbie mentoring program here. Hey look, I've been here for a year now.
  9. I'm leaving the huddle

    You have chosen to ignore Seahawk37. View this post ยท Squeeze me a little harder Seahawk37 I really hate you.
  10. Ever seen a scoring system like this?

    The Huddle has a few sheets with players ranked by big yardage (games over 100+) that may help. And, before some of the vets rip on you around here. This is better suited for the advice forum. Good luck with your draft.
  11. Grossman Down!

    You're probably right, the Bears fans behind me were talking about how fragile he is.
  12. Grossman Down!

    I just got back from the game, too bad for Grossman, they should have taken him out sooner. All of the Rams starters were gone by the beginning of the 2nd quarter.
  13. You missed me. 9) Sun. Nov. 6 @ Minnesota Vikings 14pts
  14. Nov. 6th Vikings, 14 Week 9
  15. Who else hates the Seahawks?

    I live in STL...what do you think?
  16. Wow

    I spit my drink out on that one.
  17. Chargers vs. Packers Tonight

    Chunk is the man!
  18. Fred Taylor

    Shouldn't this be in another forum? Jeez. FYI: Ask him who he picked instead.
  19. Hey DMD

    I think the problem is that everyone watched the game on Monday and saw a potential issue with the RBs in CHI.
  20. Hey DMD

    My thoughts exactly, I must have ran over a million different scenarios the last 30 mins if I decided to go with the doo doo.
  21. Hey DMD

    You're up JJ. DMD told me to tell you to pick Benson.
  22. Drafting on gut

    All I know is that this is the first year I've done slow drafts and I'm certainly overanalyzing and updating the spreadsheets way too much. It's enough to drive a man to drink.
  23. Drafting guide / points article DMD

    Did anyone else read the article about going PK,PK,DEF. I can already smell the money!!