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  1. Cold Pizza or Cold Fried Chicken?

    There aren't any Taco Bells close to my house.
  2. Cold Pizza or Cold Fried Chicken?

    Agreed, especially after a heavy night out.
  3. Staley out 1 month

    I have/had him as my #2 with Arrington as my #3. I was hoping to use him for the first few weeks until Arrington was comfortable. Looks like it's back to the drawing board unless Arrington goes nuts but I hate putting too much faith in a rookie.
  4. Offline Drafting

    This is all good but you're forgetting the most important
  5. Just joined the Huddle.....

    C'mon you've spent way more than $20 here at The Huddle. Correction: lost more than $20.
  6. 2 guys in my league came to the draft this past weekend with sheets from The Huddle. Basturds, that league was usually easy money for me.
  7. What was your most painful fantasy loss?

    That game killed me as well. Thanks for bringing back those painful memories.
  8. 1 Rare opening in New Startup Auction Dynasty Leag

    Sounds tempting but I'm already sleeping on the couch until January because of all the leagues I'm in.
  9. Arizona Cardinals

    Quite possibly one of the funniest things I've read on these boards.
  10. Seahawks

    You have chosen to ignore Seahawk37. View this post ยท Squeeze me a little harder Seahawk37
  11. Huddle MVP Challenge

    Geez, you're making us blush.
  12. Yeah, I was wondering how they were going to get that going.
  13. Raiders Homer Needed ASAP

    Damm, of all the times, my parents had to do it in STL. Sorry, but if you ever need a STL homer let me know or if weigie is the STL homer kick him out and let me in, I'm cooler.
  14. Free FFL open invitation

    Don't expect much participation if it's a free league. We're money hungry here at The Huddle.
  15. Who you calling a knucklehead?
  16. I may be interested as well. STL Rams.
  17. O.k., So I'm drunk ....

    I'm drunk as well.
  18. CCS playoff

  19. NVN league opening

    I believe you're put on a waiting list.
  20. CCS

  21. NVN league opening

    A Cards fan from Chicago. There may be hope for your city yet.
  22. Seahawks

    You think he missed my underlining sarcasm.