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  1. How Do You cook

    I dig that "How to Boil Water" chick.
  2. NVN league opening

    tonyr0802 posted interest in the NVN forum but he had a few questions.
  3. Seahawks

    You're cracking me up.
  4. How Do You cook

    Soak some small wood skewers in water for about 30 mins. I'll adjust the grill so that one side is searing hot and when it comes time to serve I'll turn the filet on it's side and sear the bacon.
  5. Seahawks

    Wait a second, this is you isn't it? You
  6. NVN league opening

    That's because you guys are all jacked up on cialis and viagra.
  7. Seahawks

    You really are an asstard aren't you. I guess it's not your fault that your mom dropped you on your head as a child.
  8. NVN league opening

    Whew, I almost needed a refund. Thanks! I'm 29 though, turn 30 in 2 weeks.
  9. NVN league opening

    I thought the age was 30 and under?
  10. From a Viking message board

    I didn't know Radio was a Vikings fan.
  11. Your biggest draft mistake.

    One league, Kevin Barlow 2.6 last year.
  12. CCS

  13. CCS

  14. CCS

  15. Repeatability

    Whatever do you mean? An exterminator is a very respectable business, much better than running a website.
  16. CCS 2005

  17. The Longest Yard Fantasy Football League

    ..and wearing a pink shirt while discussing wine and coffee. Oh and bigleplowski, quit posting this crap in the BOTH forums you asstard.
  18. Points for receptions

    Here you go, louisville lip: All the info you need
  19. The little box

    That's an urban myth
  20. New name ...

  21. Hi all this is snaggy/ snaggy69

  22. Manning #1 pick article...

    That was my plan if I decided on Manning at 1.1. There's 14 teams though, so I'm a little concerned. I've found that I have my best drafts at the 4, 5, 10, 11 positions in a 12 team draft.
  23. Manning #1 pick article...

    Exactly. I'm concerned that by the time I get my swing picks all of the backs will be gone.