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  1. Actually, at that time, everybody is leaving work from downtown. You should be in good shape (knock on wood).


    Close things downtown:

    Budweiser tour (2 free beers at the end)

    Botanical Gardens

    Forest Park (mentioned before - Zoo where even people from San Diego would say, "wow, that's a nice zoo that's even free to enter", Art Museum, St. Louis Science Center if you're a bit of the science-dorky type like I am)

    You're not too terribly far from The Loop in U-City.

    Lumiere Casino (probably a good option for a close romantic dinner)

    Soulard Farmer's Market might be a good time too. Johnny's is not too far from there too. :brow:

    Union Station is kind of a ghost town now. Might not be worth the time.

    Going up in the Arch is a real weenie-tickler. Riding up in these small cages, then peering (no, not peeing) out of the small windows at the top.

    The Hill and the Italian food

    "A St. Louis Original" - Imo's Pizza. People either love it, or hate it. Provelone cheese on a thin peppery crust. Mmmmmmm... and order toasted ravioli too. I do not lie about that.

    Pappy's Smokehouse should be fairly close to your hotel

    Fairmount Park horse races are just across the river in IL


    And here's a link to an "Explore St. Louis" site


    I tried to stick within about a 20 minute drive or so of where you'll be downtown. If you're willing to expand your range (and maybe include some ideas of what you all like to do), I might be able to add to this list for you.


    Enjoy my hometown!



    Good info here, not sure your crowd but Washington Ave has a ton of different bars and restaurants. Prime Steak on washington is pretty good along with Mosaic. Copia Wine Bar is also good on Washington... really just a ton of restaurants on Washington.


    Tony's is about as upscale as you can get in downtown STL. Dierdorf and Harts is good but a drive. Jim Edmonds has a place just off of washington. Pricey and okay. If you want more upscale, drive or cab it up to Clayton - ton of great places to hangout at in a 3-4 block radius. The Loop is also great and you'll get a taste of everything ethnic. You can metrolink it from downtown to all these places if you want just keep in mind that the metro stops at midnight.


    The Landing is packed with places too but they're kind of cheesy - kind of like a super tamed down Bourbon Street. It's right around the Arch.