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  1. DK or Deebo?

    Need to pick one - half standard league DK Metcalf at Carolina or Deebo Samuel vs Atlanta?
  2. Pick Two

    Need to pick two of the following. Half standard league with points per reception awarded. Sony Michel @ Houston AJ Brown @ Indy Deebo Samuel @ Baltimore Mercole Hardman vs. Oakland
  3. Banner Headlines

    Does anyone know what happened to the headline updates that used to be listed on the front page of the web site? They would tell us who practiced and injury updates and any other league news. I found those helpful and hope they return again soon.
  4. Start Bears or Steelers DST?

    I won't anymore - that's for sure!
  5. Start Bears or Steelers DST?

    I was presenting this in a humorous way but that obviously didn't come through. But it wasn't just The Huddle forum that recommended the Bears; it was several sites on Instagram, and the Fantasy Pros that I also polled. And it wasn't by a small percentage. They all recommended the Bears D convincingly! I concurred that they would have come out aggressively on home turf against their division rivals; but for whatever reason they are not even a top 20 defense anymore. Thanks to all who responded.
  6. Start Bears or Steelers DST?

    OK, that's the last time I listen to you guys! Bears 6 pts Steelers 25! I got fooled last week as well. It's safe to say the Bears are no longer an elite defense.
  7. Need turnovers or fumble recoverys
  8. Standard league format - other RB's: Michel, McCoy, J Samuels
  9. Who 2 start at WR??

    Tate; JAX no longer have Ramsey and Tate is on fire. My two cents
  10. Add: Drop Advice

    Need your opinion on the following add/drops: Add: Minshew and Drop: Carr? Or add Cam Newton: and drop Carr? (there appears to be some concern that Cam will not automatically get his job back due to Allen's winning percentage) Add: P. Dorsett and Drop either Hardman or C. Samuel? Thanks very much!
  11. Pick 3 of the 4 or, who is out?: LeSean McCoy Malcolm Brown Mercole Hardman DK Metcalf
  12. Should I drop Hardman now that Hill is coming back and pickup Curtis Samuel? Standard scoring league
  13. Sony Michel, Chris Thompson, Curtis Samuel, John Ross II
  14. Gardner Minshew & Kyle Allen

    Read the news today. It looks like Cam may be done for the year.
  15. Drop Mayfield for K Allen?

    Thanks, just pulled the trigger. I do not like the way Mayfield or the O line looks at all. We got sold a bill of goods.