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  1. Singletary - He should emerge as the no1 in Buffalo IMO, Jamaal at best will have a 50/50 split with Jones.
  2. Just seen Tyreek is active for the game, although I don't know if he will be limited or not. It's looking like I'm gonna need a big points haul to have a chance against my opponent, so who would y'all start this week Tyreek or Fuller??
  3. AP or Drake this week

    Drake for me (especially if PPR).
  4. Crazy to start Drake?

    Assuming Barkley is out this week i'm starting Drake this week ahead of Ron Jones - not sure i would start him over Breida though
  5. I hope Landry plays (even if i don't start him) as i'm matched up against OBJ. I'm leaning towards Watkins at the moment but can at least wait to see how the match up is look on Sunday night before making a final decision.
  6. Does anyone this there is any case to start either Fuller or Landry (assuming he's in) in place of Sammy Watkins who has been extremely frustrating since week 1 (when i didnt even play him).
  7. With Barkley out i'm screwed at RB. Currently have Fournette, Gore and Ron Jones. At WR I have Tyreek, Amari, Kupp, Sammy Watkins, Landy and Fuller V. I could trade either Amari or Kupp for Eckler or possibly Derrick Henry, thoughts on that trade?? It would basically mean until Tyreek/Barkey return starting Henry/Eckler + Fuller V versus my current situation of Gore and Amari/Kupp... Im not sure which i prefer.
  8. Thoughts on this trade??

    Thats a good point, i guess the benefit would be Mixon + Gio is a lot less risky than Fournette given my lack of RB depth, but thats not worth giving him up for.
  9. Thoughts on this trade??

    Interesting... I feel i could get more for Cooper than just Montgomery, although most teams are stronger at receiver than RB so maybe not. I could see if Kupp for Montgomery would fly but expect it would be shot down. Edit: Was also just thinking i could see if another owner would be interested in Mixon and Gio for Fournette and Cooper. He'd be upgrading C Ridley for Cooper so may go for it.
  10. My RBs are: Barkley, Fournette, Ito Smith and Jared Richard. WRs: Tyreek, Amari, Kupp, Landry, Fuller V, Sammy Watkins & Geronimo Allison. I'm thinking of trading Amari & Ito for Derrick Henry and either Mike Williams or Allen Robinson II to a guy who is light at receiver. He also has Ekeler and David Montgomery who i could try to get but obviously wouldn't give up Amari as part of that...