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  1. Dak or Cousins?

    I've got the same QB decision to make this week, and currently leaning Cousins (I'm also sitting Amari FWIW). I guess 'neutralizing' Cooper by playing Dak makes sense if you like the rest of your team vs the rest of your opponents, but if you likely need so big hitter to take him down it is probably another reason to go Cousins..
  2. Pleas help choose a WR to start

    Chark or Jeffery. Jeffery probably the safer bet IMO
  3. Thanks buddy! And how about Dak or Cousins for this week?
  4. Sit Amari Cooper?

    Yeah dont sit Cooper for any of them
  5. Playoff Lineup HELP NEEDED

    Crowder, A Rob and probably Jacobs for me
  6. Hey Irish which 1 of these would you sit: Amari at CHI Landry vs CIN Tyreek at NE Kupp vs SEA Currently leaning Kupp or Amari depending on weather in Chicago...
  7. In full PPR league who do i sit?? Kupp vs SEAS Landry vs CIN Cooper at CHI Tyreek at NE Right now its between Cooper and Tyreek but given its a Thursday and he's banged up I'm leaning towards sitting Cooper... although i'm nervous Tyreek could get shut down in bad weather in NE
  8. Lineup help

    Hopefully y'all can see the attachments of my team and free agent options. Should I make any changes to my lineup this week? My starters have tough matchups and Singletary is the only option from my bench. Would he or any free agents be worth putting in for Amari or Kupp? I would have to drop Watkins which I'm ok with.
  9. Roster advice

    Scarborough & Ravens
  10. Big Lineup Help

    Definitely go with Jaylen, I'd probably go with Monty of the other 3 but all have some risk. I'd play Lockett if he goes then flex is a tough call but i'd be tempted with Bo but if you want a WR then Deebo ahead of Samuel
  11. Dak next week?

    Im in the same boat, although with slightly less waiver options. I'd probably go Darnold if i were you. He's not out there in my league so i'll either go Tannehil or stick with Dak.
  12. Big lineup decision @flex

    Go Ingram and yes, play Evans even if Lattimore does play (sounds like he probably wont though).
  13. Must win or season over who should I start??

    I agree with this except i'd probably go Tyrell over Chark as Flex
  14. Singletary or Robinson FLEX

    Singletary for me
  15. What to do about Amari Cooper

    He'll be active and so you start him, and then pray he doesn't go out early with a reinjury
  16. Who should i start in full PPR this week: Singletary vs WAS Landry & DEN Watkins vs MIN I'm leaning Singletary right now, its a solid match up and i feel they will be slowing increasing his work load as the season progresses - the risk is they get ahead and use Gore to run down the clock. Of the other 2 i like Landry more. OBJ should see a lot of Chris Harris/ double coverage and i dont expect the Bronco's offense to be staying on the field for very long...
  17. Singletary, Landry or S Watkins as flex this week in full PPR?
  18. Drake On the Bench!🤦‍♂️

    I had him on my bench too but honestly wasn't really considering playing him. I'll probably try to trade him next week for a TE upgrade but if not he's a good option to have ROS as i don't see DJ playing much more this year.
  19. If you can get Cook then MAYBE, but as it is no
  20. My 3 flex options this week are Landry, Singletary and Watkins - who would y'all start?? Currently i'm leaning Landry but with that NE D it could go horribly wrong... Singletary yet to emerge ahead of Gore (which i think will happen this season but dont want to be early as to when). And then ol' Sammy W is always risky esp without Mahomes and coming off an injury, plus i have Tyreek in my lineup.
  21. Its a full PPR league, not sure if that changes your choice... Do you think he gets more touches than last week (7) or just that the other options are even worse?
  22. Singletary - He should emerge as the no1 in Buffalo IMO, Jamaal at best will have a 50/50 split with Jones.
  23. Just seen Tyreek is active for the game, although I don't know if he will be limited or not. It's looking like I'm gonna need a big points haul to have a chance against my opponent, so who would y'all start this week Tyreek or Fuller??
  24. AP or Drake this week

    Drake for me (especially if PPR).