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  1. Trade decision

    😳😳oh man well that’s a different story lol yes I think that’s a good trade for you
  2. Trade advice

    That’s a great trade for you but the way Goff is playing I doubt he’s going to wnat Goff but if you wait 1 more week I think you might be in luck cuz Goff is going against a horrible ATL Defense and he should shred them so after his big game this weekend maybe that will change his mind to trade for him gl👍🏻
  3. Trade decision

    That would be a good trade for you but I really doubt the other owner is going to take that trade especially with Brees still being injury and not playing yet but hey it never hurts to try lol gl
  4. Goff vs. Lamar in Week 7?

    Yes ONLY this week I would start Goff over Lamar cuz Goff is going against a horrible ATL Defense and he should definitely go off against them. Goff is start of the week for a lot of experts this week gl👍🏻
  5. Pick 3 out of 4 RB's for Week 7

    Mack Coleman Ingram and I’m only not saying Bell cuz he’s going against that tough NE Defense
  6. Goff or Stafford ROS

    Definitely Goff this week Vs ATL. He is a lot of experts start of the week this week, that’s how bad that ATL Defense is lol
  7. Good Morning!!! Flex me Pleaseeee

    Maybe play Metcalf cuz Dissly is out that might mean even more Volume for him
  8. Start or Sit

    I’d go Jacobs even though I think Colme man should have a good game too but I think jacobs should Shred that’s Poor Gb run Defense
  9. Good Morning!!! Flex me Pleaseeee

    I would absolutely go with Gore this week gl 👍🏻
  10. Thanks guys just pulled the trigger
  11. I play the same guy that I’m trading to this week so he will be using Kerryon against me and I can’t use Adams lol
  12. Thanks appreciate the info. I was just on the fence cuz of the whole injury but think I’m going to pull the trigger and take the risk 😬
  13. Even though Adams is set to miss 3rd straight game with turf toe you guys think I should still do the trade for him??
  14. The commish has decided to let my trade go through if we’re still up to trading our players. On that note, do you guys think I should still Kerryon For D. Adams?? Roster Ryan Saquon Cook Kerryon Singletary Drake Penny Mattison Evans Cooks Brown D. Rob Auden Tate Engram
  15. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    Yup I know what all you guys mean cuz I was pissed as hell! I emailed the commish and he said he would get back to me and he never did😡 so this will be my last year playing in this league. I didn’t see anything wrong in the trade either cuz the other owner needed RBs and I needed WRs so it seem fair to me.