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  1. Matt Ryan or Josh Allen??

    ThankS guys I already had Allen in my lineup but just wnated to double check👍🏻
  2. Don’t know who 2 start need help... Ryan vs Panthers Or Josh Allen Vs Mia
  3. Flex HELP!!

    In a ruff spot this week with my lineup and byes... who 2 pickup and start THIS WEEK ONLY!?? Samuel vs Atl Dede vs Ind Parker vs Buff Deebo vs Ari Stills vs Balt.
  4. Flex HELP!!

  5. Blockbuster trade advice

    Golladay is the kicker here
  6. Bench Chubb?

    No way! Got to start Chubb
  7. Help. Should I accept this trade?

    I would do it. Your pretty set at WR
  8. Cuz he just doesn’t look the same rt now after coming back from injury. Do you think I should try to deal him and see what I could get?? Roster Ryan, Allen Cook Saquon Singletary Brieda Mattison Evans Adams J. Brown Green Cooks Engram Howard Lutz Steelers WHAT POSITION DO YOU THINK I NEED/ SHOULD TRY TO TRADE AND IMPROVE IN?? And which player to target thanks guys
  9. AB?

    Can we all plz stop posting ABOUT AB!! He’s done for the year!!
  10. Need HELP!!

    Ok so I finally came to the conclusion of dropping Cooks but who should I pick up 2 be on my bench Incase I need another WR for the rest of the season?? Standard League Samuel Kirk Auden Tate Reynolds Hardman Stills Crowder
  11. Need HELP!!

    Ok between Kirk or Samuel who would you pick??
  12. Need HELP!!

    You like those guys in standard scoring league??
  13. Need help with flex spot

    Even though he has not done anything in the past few games you got to go with Allen against Oak secondary... he has dominated the Raiders DBs the last couple years. Play Keenan Allen ✅
  14. D. Adams for Lamar

    Should I trade away Adams for Lamar Jackson? My roster Ryan Josh Allen Cook Saquon Singletary Brieda Mattison Evans Adams Green J. Brown Cooks Engram Howard Lutz Steelers
  15. Engram won’t play Sunday so what TE would you start.. I already have Howard but should I drop him and pick up one of these TE plz help really need the advice thanks
  16. Should I pick up AB?

    I wouldn’t even wanna waste a bench spot on this guy.
  17. D. Adams for Lamar

    So you don’t think it’s worth it?? Wa sjust thinking of doing it cuz Ryan will be playing hurt the rest of the way
  18. Ok I have Jaylen Samuels on Roster but would you drop Samuels for any of these RBs Jamal Williams Bridea Damien Williams standard league thanks
  19. Drop Cooks

    Should I drop B. Cooks for AJ Green??
  20. I have my wr 2 spot empty rt now cuz not sure if I save it for D.Adams? If they decide to play him or put either John Brown or D-Jak in the slot?? john Brown and D-Jak’s both play at 10am and Adams plays at 1:25pm not to sure what to do cuz if I don’t put in Brown or D-Jak then they end up sitting Adams I’ll be in a horrible spot!
  21. Dilemma in my WR 2 spot??

    Just I just put Adams in the lineup and if he doenst play just take the hit??
  22. Steelers or Jets??

    Should I play Jets Vs Mia or stick with Steelers Vs Colts??
  23. TY OUT 3-4 weeks

    So my question is would you drop Brandon Cooks for Zach Pascal with him being the # 1 for the colts?? Cuz Cooks hasn’t really produced all year!! These are the other WRs available in my league It’s a standard league my WRs rt are Evans Adams Cooks John Brown D. Jak
  24. TY OUT 3-4 weeks

    So are all you guys saying I should drop COOKS??

    Trade DeSean Jackson for 49ers Defense cuz someone just offered me the 49ers D fir D-Jak but my Defense rt now is Steelers and Jets need some help thanks guys