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  1. RB Help

    Agree with Montana
  2. Is it dumb

    If I start Matt Ryan and he has Julio ??
  3. My team is on the left. Do you think I have a chance since I’ll be without my #1 RB all year (Dalvin Cook)??
  4. WR & Flex Dilemma

    I’d go Metcalf or D. Washington
  5. Superbowl lineup...any changes?

    I would play the Pats DEFENSE
  6. Tough decision- RB's

    You gotta go with Mixon as good as he’s been lately and with his plus matchup vs MIA
  7. Is it dumb

    Other options are Cousins vs GB Fitz vs Cinn
  8. Ryan vs Jax Saquon vs Was Cook/Mattison/Boone vs Gb D.Adams vs Min Parker Vs Cin Hollister vs Arz FLEX?? Lutz Steelers vs Jets BENCH Cousins vs GB Singletary vs NE Washingto vs LAC Deebo vs LAR Shepard vs Was Slayton vs Was LET ME KNOW IF I SHOULD MAKE ANY CHANGES THANKS FOR THE INPUT APPRECIATE IT GL TO ALL!!
  9. Btw this is Standard league
  10. Should I go Ryan vs Jax Cousins vs GB Rivers vs Oak
  11. At least I get my money back

    You didn’t pick up Boone off waivers??
  12. Need your help picking 2... need my WR2 & Flex This is my lineup so far lmk who to plug in or swap in/out thanks guys Goff Cook Saquon D. Adams WR2?? Goedert FLEX?? Lutz Steelers BENCH PLAYERS Ryan Cousins Mattison D.Washington D.Parker Deebo Hollister

    Who would you start this week Goff vs Cowboys Cousins vs Charger Ryan vs 49ers
  14. Can’t decide what WR 2 start cuz to me they’re all pretty much even.... STANDARD SCORING D. Parker vs Giants (if he plays) Slayton vs MIA Deebo vs ATL
  15. Having trouble with this one!?

    @Montana is da Man Really you think Deebo Montana?? Even though Eli is starting again and him and Slayton have a good connection between them??
  16. Drop Evans??

    Should I drop Evans even though they haven’t shut him down for the year yet?? I’m trying to pick up Goedert to play him this week and need to drop someone but don’t wnat to regret it if Evans plays next week really need your guys input plz help thanks
  17. Drop Evans??

    Anyone else??
  18. Josh Allen or jameis Winston

    Winston Easy call For me but the only thing that scares me a lil is reports of wearing a cast but they said he will play for sure but don’t know how accurate the INT machine will be on Sunday lol

    You gotta cash in with Brees and Mike T.
  20. Pick a QB if Winston is out

    Carr!! Did you see what struggling Rivers did to Jax last week lol
  21. Who do you start as a RB2?

    I’d go Mixon for sure the way he’s been playing lately👌 Lindsay is a good running back but doesn’t get the workload Mixon gets. 4 me MIXON all the way
  22. Njoku or Hollister

    Which TE would you pick up out of these?? standard scoring league
  23. Are You Thielen the Love?

    Thielen plays the Chargers this week
  24. Cousins or Goff??

    Should I stick with Cousins vs Chargers or go with Jared Goff vs Cowboys??
  25. Cousins or Goff??

    Thanks Montana