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  1. Jameis Winston appreciation thread

    Bruce Arians retired from coaching because of health issues. Guess what BA? Famous Jamies is going to cause you a stroke my friend. Franchise tag him this year and use him as leverage for a really good trade.
  2. Dare I say it, pick up OJ Howard?

    I would keep Hollister due to Josh Gordon's suspension.

    When it rains it poors. Missed the playoffs in 2 of 3 leagues due to Evans, Parker, Andrews, and Jeffrey injuries. My Defense (Pittsburgh) and Kicker (Lutz) shined consistently but the injuries derailed my playoff hopes. Oh well.... See ya next year fellas.
  4. I started this guy tonight over a few WR's. Vegas you won tonight.... Shame on me 😭😭😭😭
  5. No Lamar? So who...

    Cousins @ Minnesota 😀 I would start Tannehill.
  6. Josh jacobs injury

    I dropped Tyrell Williams 3 weeks ago and I have no regrets
  7. I'm riding Watson and Andrews all the way to the playoffs.
  8. I am curious to see if anyone plans to start this guy. Miami is playing at a competitive level and this guy might look at this as an opportunity to showcase his talents. Thoughts
  9. Which kicker???

    Stick with the Leg
  10. Mahomes or Tannehill

    Sticking with State Farm MyHomes
  11. Tannehill OR Prescott ? ? ?

    I would have never thought Trubiski would have this type of game.
  12. Tannehill OR Prescott ? ? ?

    Hopefully you chose Tannehill