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  1. Sit Patrick Mahomes

    Glad I went with my instincts 😀
  2. Sit Patrick Mahomes

    Should I sit Patrick Mahomes for Jacoby Brisette due to his ankle injury?
  3. Really! Carlos Hyde!

    Jekyll and Hyde my friend
  4. Should I move a TE?

    I recommend waiting to move Henry because Andrews has a bye next week. Also if it aint broke, stop trying to fix it 😁
  5. Trade Barkley/Shepard for Hill/Coleman

    I like the acqisition of Hill and Coleman
  6. Its a 2 WR league with a flex WR/TE/RB. I am very comfortable with C. Sutton and T McLaurin filling in the gap for the loss of Lockette. Conner is an every week RB1 after his bye week and all I need from Engram is 10 - 12 points per week. My defenses have been scoring double digit points to assist. I think we will be okay
  7. Fully understand your logic. I didn't need Shepherd. The manager threw him in as a bonus. Lockett versus Engram is a very lopsided trade. I hope and pray it works out for us both 👍
  8. I don't like it but my choices were slim without giving up the farm 😁
  9. Make adjustments, or leave as is?

    Nice roster... Toss up between Bears and Packers defense.
  10. LeSean McCoy or Josh Gordon at the flex?

    I dropped Josh Gordon in 2 of my leagues last week and no one has claimed him as a FA of today's date. I choose LeSean McCoy
  11. Amari cooper

    I would do that trade because Gallup is similar to Godwin on the Buccaneers. Why have 2 Cowboys on the same roster for bye week #8. Jeffrey is Philly's #1 wide out and you get a bonus with Metcalf with Dissly on IR. You are balling with Hooper, K. Allen, and T. Mac. I would attempt to trade Singletary and Ridley for a #1 RB to enhance your RB corps. Good luck
  12. My options on the waiver wire were J. Witten, J. Graham, Atkins, and Fells. With every manager holding onto at least 2 TE's, I figure it's time to trade. Praying Seattle continue to remain a run first team and this does not come back to bite me.
  13. Amari cooper

    I would do that trade depending on who you have on the rest of your roster. Please show us your team for an informed decision