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  1. Would you accept this?

    Keep DKM
  2. Miller Lizard Allen because I don't trust Tyrod Taylor
  3. Godwin out who should I flex?

    I agree with the above mentioned
  4. Where can I improve?

    Definitely Ingram if you can.
  5. How should I improve my team?

    Package Anderson and Waller for a quality WR or RB. Time to go fishing.
  6. My weekly drop for a kicker

    Drop Smith for a Kicker. Who's available on the wire?
  7. Kenny Golladay injury

    You definitely got the Shaft
  8. Post your email and I will send you the invitatioin. Team: P. Mahomes T. Lockett A. Green D. Henry A. Eckler D. Goedert M. Ingram J. Tucker DEF Tennessee & Denver Bench: H. Henry S. Sheperd C. Sutton J. Howard A. Rogers
  9. Kenny Golladay injury

    Nothing...... I'm waiting for the same news since I traded for KG
  10. Trade Offer

    Stream a TE during your bye week.
  11. If you had this team..

    Not a Tyrod Taylor fan. I dumped everything that says chargers.
  12. Get Ruggs?

    Great point. Maybe they trust Tannehill over Carr since AJ Brown is out. Smith may ball out or crash.
  13. trade connor for Jonathan taylor

    Do you own Benny Snell? If so trade Connor for Taylor. I think you get a 2 for 1 deal 👍
  14. Robby Anderson question

    It's all good. Time will tell and I appreciate the feedback ☺️