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  1. Do I need to use a waiver claim on a RB?

    I like Hasty but he's not worth a #3 waiver IMO.
  2. Family league question

    You are a cold blooded Uncle. What happened to being a role model dude?
  3. The Bears are moving further away from Allen Robinson. Is it time to trade him while he still has value?
  4. Family league question

    Are you sure you're family 😊
  5. Dalton

    Dallas will definitely finish in the bottom 5 of the league. Time for me to trade Zeke 😅
  6. Swap any players out?

    I would pick up Patrick and drop Gallup
  7. Michael Thomas is out

    That would be awesome because Watson is my QB but that's just wishful thinking. I say Colts or Patriots
  8. Brutal Decision

  9. Need a kicker

    No reason waiting for an injury to happen when you clearly need a Kicker.
  10. Need a kicker

    I would drop Tony Pollard
  11. Harrison has 10 FG's compared to Blankenship 16 FG'S. Is it wise to drop the under performing kicker or hold onto both ROS?
  12. Start/Sit Advice

    Don't be scared of Ramsey
  13. time to dump Evans??

    Depends on what your team needs.
  14. Drop Butker for Blankenship?

    I just got Dalvin Cook by trading J. Jefferson and Miles Sander's. I'm thinking of trading Butker and AB for another WR like Diggs since we are PPR. Thoughts
  15. Drop Butker for Blankenship?

    Understood. I have the space to keep both I just don't want 2 kickers.
  16. Michael Thomas is out

    Great point. Can Jamie's Winston assume the position?
  17. J Cook over Hurst and Gesicki?

    Cooks will have alot of targets this week.
  18. Start sit question

    Gio and Trequon Smith. Thomas and Sander's are not playing.
  19. Trade Advice help ASAP

    I agree with this assessment. J-Rob for Golliday.
  20. Which TE to start week 7

    Not a bad selection to choose from. Thinking Cooks or Hill since Thomas and Sander's are not playing.
  21. Pick 2 rbs

    DJ and J-Rob
  22. Thoughts on this trade. I pray D. Cook is healthy in order for this trade to be fruitful.
  23. Traded Jefferson / M. Sander's for D. Cook

    It happened and I hope it works for both Teams.
  24. Who do I drop?

    Drop kelly for Gio. Don't drop any WR's.