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  1. Is this that corn fed bastard from iowa?

  2. Yo penis ears hows it hangin:rolleyes:

    1. SLAYER


      Is this that corn fed bastard from Iowa?

    2. S_bone


      why yes it isĀ :headbang:

  3. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Alexander Duece Tiki
  4. Weekly Blitz

    Cin Dal NOS Phil TBB
  5. Weekly Blitz

    Bal Det Indy Pit SD
  6. McCallister's Backup

    Stecker is the 3rd down back. Smith is the backup if anything happens to Deuce.
  7. King Of The Mountain

    St. Louis
  8. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    SA Holt C. Williams
  9. Weekly Blitz

    Cin Seat Det StL Phil
  10. Impact of hurricane on Saints

    It will always be The Big Easy
  11. 7th pick. Am i crazy?

    I have the #8 pick and taking Dillon if Duece gets picked #7
  12. Mike Anderson goes all the way.

    Wayne will be the #1 FF WR on the Colts. By passing Marvin this yr.
  13. Diary of a Madman at the Draft

    Good Luck. My local draft is suppose to be Sun., but being in N.O. and a hurricane possibly headed this way well we will see. First time in 20 yrs any draft i've been involved with, baseball and football, had to be cancelled because of a hurricane. totally $uck$.