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  1. Is this that corn fed bastard from iowa?

  2. Just heard on WWL that Saints are saying nobody has been hired as DC ...
  3. Face the Nation

    you should relate to Sharpe real well...
  4. I know what hotel Rodger is at for the SB...
  5. NFCCG: SF @ Atl

    Like I said next year ya"ll come to the big easy..
  6. NFCCG: SF @ Atl

    Alanta next visit to the Big Easy will be their road game against the Saints next year
  7. Eddy lacy vs manti teo

    Teo is the second coming of "The Boz"
  8. Eddy lacy vs manti teo

    Carolina for one, they need to replace that washed up Stewart guy.
  9. SPIT week one standings

    7 points out still have Foster, No Rice & Boldin though.
  10. Redskins/Seahawks Game Thread

    Game Set Match
  11. Favorite Beatles song

    Tie: Golden Slumbers & Norwegian Wood
  12. Norv Turner

    Romo's improvement??? LOL
  13. It's Cowboys and Indians week

    Looks like Morris will be ripping your D also
  14. You new jerks taking over this place need to get on the ball around here...
  15. Sproles?

    told ya 2 days ago, but what do I know just live here
  16. Sproles?

    take it from a homer, do NOT start sproles...
  17. Sproles?

    They could relistically give him another week to rest if they think they can win without him.
  18. Jon Gruden returning to NFL?

    Saints may need a coach..
  19. don't talk or type...
  20. Pardon the interuption

    but the idiocy on these boards lately is very great. that is all
  21. Peterson Eyeing 300 game

    got to get to 200 before 300..
  22. Jimmy Graham - High ankle sprain?

    Moore did not play last game...
  23. Wow....Mike Vick

    Yes but Rivers is a dick....oh wait...